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At Photowall, we have an extensive range of wall murals that includes the myriad choices available from our transportation collection. Whether you are looking for an inspiring image oRead moref a classic vehicle or a wall mural that puts you in the driver’s seat on the open road, we have something suitable for every home. Our transportation wall murals create a sense of energy in any space, which means they are perfect as children's wallpaper or on the feature wall in a reception room.

Why Choose a Vehicle-Inspired Wall Mural?

There are plenty of good reasons to select a vehicle as the subject for a wall mural. First, there is the tremendous sense of style featured in some of the designs available, such as the fast, flowing lines of the McLaren F1 racing car or the classic Ferrari 250 GT in sumptuous red, which can bring a shock of color to an otherwise austere décor. But that’s not all. A clipper chopping through the waves or a speeding steam locomotive can lend a much-needed sense of purpose and clarity of design to many rooms, especially when the image fits with the rest of the room's esthetic. Take a look at our images of ocean-going liners for a wall mural that creates a chic sense of timeless style – it would look equally good in contemporary rooms and in homes that have an art deco twist. Our vehicle designs deliver a sense of motion and sheer style, making them perfect for a variety of home improvement projects to make your room stand out from the crowd.

Transportation and Kids' Designs

Of course, transportation-themed wall murals will look great in grown-up rooms like game rooms, dining rooms and studies. However, they often come into their own when used in children's bedrooms. For instance, our “Racetrack Lightning McQueen” and other characters inspired by “Cars” appear in several mural designs that are a wonderful backdrop to a kids' play area or bedroom. For toddlers, “Brum Brum” designs and farming equipment are often a big hit, but technical designs, like our “Plane Blueprints”, can also prove exceptional choices as children grow up.

Create a Sense of Place

You can easily evoke a feeling or sense of place with a wall mural. How about a transportation scene from a famous city, like New York? For even more out-there design ideas, why not explore the final frontier to create the ultimate sense of space, as with our “Lunar Vehicle on the Moon” mural? There are just so many ways to do it with transportation-inspired wall murals!
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