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    Emelie Leijon is releasing a wallpaper collection with nature in focus

    Today the designer and founder of the Swedish brand E.Leijon does a wallpaper debut with her collection Nordic Stories. The collection, created by Emelie Leijon, started with ceramics and quickly developed into both fabrics and tiles. Now it launched in the form of three wallpaper motifs, all in different color schemes. 
    Emelie Leijon

    Emelie Leijon always liked to create things. Way back, since childhood, she has felt the need to use her hands as a creative tool. 

    "As long as I can remember, I have been looking for new ways to work with my hands and express my creativity. Form and design is close to my heart," explains Emelie. 

    Emelie has always been creating, even long before she started her own label. It began with an art education, then continued as a graphic designer, first as a student at Berghs, the Swedish based School of Communication, then as a graphic designer and web designer at an agency in Stockholm. It was then the thoughts of getting to do something different, to start her own brand, began to grow. Two years later, Emelie took the leap and started her brand E.Leijon. 

    The momentum to go ahead came from the desire to work for myself and decide over my own time. But also to be able to develop my own ideas and make my own products.

    It is in the Nordic forests where the patterns come to life inside Emilie’s head. Here is where she finds shapes, tones and colors, which she then transforms into motifs. In all her products you can see the presence of nature. 

    Click here for more wallpaper designs from Emelie Leijon.

    "For me, the most beautiful and interesting shapes are those that have their roots and beginnings in nature. I am inspired by the calm, muted color scheme and the organic shape of things."

    In her very first design collection, Nordic Stories, Emelie focused on the contrast between the delicate and transparent in the motifs and the hard, clean ceramics. 

    "In the collection, I wanted to capture the beauty and ethereal that is contained in the leaves that have remained over the winter. There is something very complex in the small wire plants in each leaf that I think it’s beautiful."

    Emelie Leijon's wallpaper designs

    Something that made wallpapers well suited for Emelie was that she already had a predilection for large-scaled patterns. Now it was her opportunity to really try to scale up the patterns. 

    "The patterns really grew and came to life in a large format, which was fantastic to see."

    Ash Blue

    Emelie named her wallpaper motifs HydrangeaFern and Ash, names which all has a connection to nature. Emilie’s own favourite motif is Ash:

    I think the Ash leaf is best at symbolizing what I want to express. Something both ethereal and transparent, but also faded, weathered, and enigmatic. It has a story to tell. And since I created a very simple pattern, it became a nice contrast which I like.

    All Emilie’s wallpaper motifs are available to order at as made-to-measure wall murals costing £28 per square meter. 

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