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    Home with Starwoman

    Here is the newly wallpapered home of Starwoman, and we just love the result. The same goes for her blog. In our interview, Anna tells more about her interior style, her history with houses and, about her favorite wallpaper.

    With beautiful pictures and intuition to interior design trends, Starwoman has emerged on our favorite blog list. Something that incidentally also Comfortable Home picked up when they had appointed Anna's blog to this week's decor blog. We were very pleased when we saw that Anna papered with wallpaper from Photowall, specifically Ohoy from Fine Little Day. It fits perfectly in her son Maximilian's room in the new house in Enskede.


    Tell us Anna, why did you choose the motif Ohoy?

    – We live in an old house built in 1927 and I was really fascinated by Ohoy. Partly because it fits perfectly in a children’s room, charming that it is designed by a child, but also because it looks a little “old”, as if it were printed on gray paper which appealed to me. And I thought it would fit in and I was correct in my feeling. We are really very pleased, both me and my son Maximilian who the room belongs to.

    Can you tell us a little about yourself?

    – I am 36 years old, born and raised in the countryside, in the town of Björketorp in western Sweden with a mother, father and little brother. I moved to Stockholm in 2008, and now have my own small family consisting of my husband Jens and our two children; Maximilian was born in November 2010 and our little daughter Celine who was born in the beginning of February. So right now I’m working while on parental leave but otherwise I would be an Accountant for Folksam Group. I currently run the blog Starwoman. The blog has been around since 2007 and the idea behind it is that I want it to be like opening a bag of assorted candies. So I try as much as possible to mix the living/family life with my interests in interior design, cooking, shopping, and things in general.

    What is your decor style?

    – I have realised that I have increasingly mixed styles. I simply take what I think is beautiful from different styles and that can be a mix. That is why my home is full of very white and bright colors, I like that.

    What are your best interior design tips?

    – To simply run with what you think is neat and ignore too many trends and what others think.

    A favorite decoration gadget?

    – It is difficult, but right now it’s probably my new vase “Dew” from Swedish Tenn.

    What is your absolute dream home would look like?

    – I have to answer like my own. We moved here almost two months ago, and for me this is my dream home. An old house in an area from the beginning of the last century in white. Very old-fashioned charm, yet totally renovated and clean with two floors.

    Can you tell us about your housing history and how its interiors looked?

    – My first interior was with my current husband and a friend of his in a townhouse area inLund where we were studying at university. There we had mixed furniture and other pieces as it often is when several students share accommodation. Then it became a tenancy, as such one can not do so much and we had mostly spousal furniture that had been around for a while, far from the style we have today. Then we bought our first place and it was probably there somewhere that my decor interest woke up, we then had a lot of oak and white which was very popular at the time. After that we ended up in Hammarby Lake City and an apartment on the ninth floor with unobstructed views. It was wonderful and I felt really good there. That was where my white interior took on more speed. But as our family grew, we chose to move to a big house in Enskede which wass divided into four families. It’s only been two months, but I feel comfortable here like a fish in the water, even though things are not clear in terms of decor yet!

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