Grey posters

Grey is probably the most neutral and balanced colour in the entire spectrum. It is typically associated with values of formality, conservatism and sophistication. Perhaps this is wRead morehy it is often brought up when talking about decorating a corporate space, but nonetheless, grey posters can also be a valuable and stylish asset within a residential or recreational room. Photowall's high quality, rich in detail and uniquely designed lineup of grey posters has plenty of variety in terms of themes, but also with regard to the different shades of this colour. Furthermore, you can always adjust these motifs to suit your overall aesthetic and interior design.

Reaction to grey posters

The colour grey is known to be a timeless and practical colour because of those aforementioned shades that can evoke an array of emotions. Dark or charcoal grey, for example, can communicate some of the strength and mystery of black, as it is an elegant colour that lacks the negativity of the colour black. Light greys on the other hand can carry some of the attributes that are associated with the colour white. Both of these hues are more than well represented in our wide assortment of grey posters. The dark greys of the grey poster named Shadow and light matches perfectly with this notion, being the protagonist in this particular image and setting up a scene of almost alien proportions. Then there are pieces like New York Map BW, where the light greys play the more prominent part in a truly unique design that shows the veins of the Big Apple. It is also often said that the light greys are more feminine in nature, with the softer tones and tinges, while dark greys are more masculine because of the robust tints and shades. Whichever grey poster, or posters, you choose to spruce up your home, office or any other space, one thing is for sure. Grey posters will have definite visual impact and bring about a reaction not just from you, but also your family, your friends, your colleagues and any other company you might have over.

A short history

Grey is a colour that is often mistakingly associated with things like boredom, mediocrity and timidity. How did that happen? Back in the middle ages, poor people wore grey because it was the colour of undyed wool, and thus the most available and most easy to maintain garment. Ever since then, the colour has had to struggle with that correlation. Nonetheless, time after time throughout history it has still succeeded as a culturally important and suitable colour. During the Renaissance, black was the noblest colour to wear, and since white and grey coordinate well with black, grey came to play a more distinct and important role in fashion. Grey posters can also reflect this evolution with their unique designs and visually attractive tones. You can now even bring grey posters into the conversation whenever someone comments on this particular pigment you have chosen.

Decorating with grey posters

Like many other popular colours, grey is very multifaceted. The unbelievably many hues and shades of grey can sometimes feel like a maze when hunting for exactly the right shade. In residences especially, grey is tricky but with Photowall's vast array of grey posters, it will be easy for you to find the most appropriate motif for your space. Imagine something like Change of shift in your living room or the hallway. This grey poster depicting a construction yard in the mist is optically arresting and certain to immediately catch the eye of anyone who walks into your space. Light and Dimension is another intriguing grey poster, giving not just your view a new perspective, but also giving new dimension to the room you put it into.
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