If you have an interior design subject like the state of Ohio as your wall decoration, it is important to have some degree of knowledge about the place. The state of Ohio got its nameRead more from the Iroquois word ohi-yo, meaning "great river". Nowadays it is known as the Buckeye State because of the buckeye trees commonly found throughout the beautiful Ohio River Valley. The trees produce small brown nuts that look like the eye of a deer and it is said that carrying one in your pocket is good luck. Ohio wall murals can also be that lucky charm in your interior decoration. Did you know that seven of the US presidents were born in Ohio? Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William H. Taft and Warren G. Harding were all born in the Buckeye State. With Ohio wall murals, you will not only have beautiful sight in your home or office, but also something that carries with it knowledge, charm and history. These Ohio wall murals can also be altered to match, or contrast, with your existing colour schemes and overall aesthetic.

Rock on with Ohio wall murals

If you have never been to Cleveland but follow professional basketball, you probably know it is home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Or perhaps you have heard of Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, chock full with the world’s largest collection of musical instruments, videos, album covers, funky concert digs and other rock and roll artifacts. Bring that funky vibe into your space with Ohio wall murals by Photowall. Did you know that inductees to the Hall of Fame only become eligible after their first commercial recording was released at least 25 years ago? Although Cleveland has a big reputation, it is actually not Ohio’s largest city. Cleveland has a population of a mere 383,000, giving its downtown and vibrant neighborhoods an almost small-town feel and thus more character and texture. This character is also very present in Ohio wall murals like "Cleveland Ohio Skyline Black".

Fun trivia

Nicknames can be very funny, especially when only remotely connected to their roots. In the city of Cincinnati's case, the nickname "Porkopolis" is justified since it used to process more pork than anywhere else in the United States of America! Nonetheless, Cincinnati today is a very innovative town with a significant and charming skyline. In this set of Ohio wall murals you can find buildings like the Ingalls Building, which was built way back in 1903. This unassuming structure is the world’s very first reinforced concrete skyscraper. It still stands 100-plus years later, something that you can relay when putting up an Ohio wall mural that is visually arresting and historically interesting. Another great angle to the city can be found in the Ohio wall mural titled "Map of Cincinnati". This richly detailed look can really give your wall decoration that extra texture and composition.

Ohio wall murals main attraction

The capital of Ohio is Columbus, which is the United States of America’s 15th-largest city. A diverse city with funky festivals, die-hard sports fans and a famously long-lived gorilla, who was also the first in the world to be bred in captivity. Among Columbus many aliases, including Cowtown and Cbus, there is also Arch City, an 1890s nickname, stemming from the city's construction of arches over key streets back in the days. Ohio wall murals will show you the diversity in this metropolis architecture. One structure of which is the Huntington Center at Huntington Plaza, which was the tallest building built during the 80s. Its distinctive shape stands out in the skyline, mimicking the outline of the state of Ohio. Spot the over 150 meters tall building in Ohio wall murals like "Columbus Ohio Skyline". Items such as these can be the ideal focal point to decorate your residential, corporate or recreational space with.
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