Extreme Terrain

While Mother Earth has such an incredible diversity of beauty, it can also be at times vicious and brutal. With Photowall's excellent selection of high-quality extreme terrain wall muRead morerals, you will have both these traits at your disposal. Get ready for some unique designs, rich details and vibrant colours that embody her raw power and beauty. Whether you are looking to spruce up your residential, corporate or recreational space, these extreme terrain wall murals can be the ideal tool for you. Using extreme terrain wall murals as the focal point in your room will not only lend it visual appeal, but also act as motivation or inspiration to preserve this beautiful planet we call our home. Extreme terrain wall murals also showcase the extremities of weather present on Earth, something that is a vital reminder to keep not just mentally, but possibly visually as well.

Extreme terrain wall murals and their diversity

If you are a regular, you know that Photowall places a lot of stock in variety. To make the selection process cohesive and convenient, we have compiled these stunning extreme terrain wall murals into three smaller subcategories. These are namely Cracked Earth, Deserts and Polar Landscapes. Each of these tiers contains carefully selected extreme terrain wall murals with their own character and appeal. In Cracked Earth, for example, there are sights such as "Deadvlei, Namibia", an absolutely beautiful and ethereal landscape that one might even think it is not from this earth. It is a strong remnant of the fact that all the physical movements in nature we see on Earth's surface are extremely feeble compared to what is happening deep underground. The name Deadvlei means dead marsh, from the English dead and the Afrikaans vlei. What once was a marsh is now a dried white clay pan, surrounded by some of the highest sand dunes in the world that have literally rusted over thousands of years, giving them this iconic fiery complexion. Put this extreme terrain wall mural up in any space and look how it instantly transforms into a special location. One thing is for sure, an item such as this will be a guaranteed conversation starter.

A unique environment

Deserts are some of the most foreboding and mysterious regions found on our planet. The trademark of a lack of water makes deserts generally inhospitable to most creatures, but people have been living in and exploring deserts from the beginning of time. Bring this timelessness and beauty into your residential, commercial or recreational space by acquiring extreme terrain wall murals featuring deserts. The high-quality lineup of extreme terrain wall murals guarantees not just maximum visual impact, but also a wide array of hues that can complement many colour schemes and other interior design elements. "Desert Winter", for example, can give any room a whole new dimension, add more depth and of course, generate incredible style. If you want something even more dramatic, check out the black and white beauty of "Shadow and light".

Hot and cold with extreme terrain wall murals

While bitterly cold winds gallop across the landscape, winter temperatures go into the negatives and winters night can last for months, Polar Landscapes are still home to a rich diversity of wildlife both on land and under the sea. Extreme terrains wall murals will show this, but also in some ways celebrate it as nothing can quite match the classic beauty of the cold. There are real life photographs such as "Godafoss Waterfalls" which can instantly give you the chills. However, there are also works of art in extreme terrain wall murals such as "Polar Sea - Caspar Friedrich", which can give the decoration a whole new meaning and character. This type of extreme terrain wall mural is also suitable for kids, as well as the affable "Uncertain Future". The young ones will surely delight in such charming imagery, but also make them aware of the crisis these majestic creature face. Extreme terrain wall murals can be that motivating factor for the young ones to change the world for the better.
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