One of the more complex and challenging but ultimately very rewarding and meaningful forms of art is surrealism. Photowall has a superbly assembled lineup of surrealism posters thatRead more will delight not just the visual senses, but also the deeper, underlying psyche of you and whoever views your interior decoration. The paradox of these images is that they may seem impossible to understand for some, which makes it even more versatile when it comes to revamping your home, office or any other space. Surrealism posters are so distinct that it can make a perfect focal point in your room as well as establishing tremendous visual weight and interest. The prominence of these motifs balances out all the other design elements and colour schemes around it.

The importance of surrealism posters

Surrealism in art often uses dream-like imagery to show us the inner workings of our minds. We all have had and experienced a dream where we were flying or falling. Surrealists use images like this in their art in order for them to create instinctive meanings and images which the viewer, and even themselves, would not need rational thought to understand. Surrealism posters do not only make for an exciting and interesting wall decor, but it also encourages people to free their subconscious thoughts and expressions. This particular theme and type of interior decoration will be a strong and intriguing reflection of your own personality and character. To even further the attraction of surrealism posters in your space, this artform also embraces the psychoanalytical idea of unconscious desires, or things we want that we do not yet know we want. This sounds perfect for people who have not decided yet how to beautify their residential, corporate or recreational room, and are looking for that special ingredient. Look no further, surrealism posters by Photowall is what you have been looking for all along.

Short history of surrealism

This form of art began as a philosophical movement which stated that the only real way to find truth in this world was through the subconscious mind and its dreams, rather than through mere logical thought. Although some may think Surrealism itself is just another art form, it was and still is actually a cultural campaign that was just expressed through art, literature, and in some instances, even politics. You will also see these ideas in our surrealism posters array. Going back to the topic at hand, the movement began in the mid-1920s in France and was born out of an earlier movement called Dadaism from Switzerland. Artists of this belief, called Dadaists, embraced chaos and the irrational. Later on, surrealists focused on these set ideas of chaos and irrational desires in an effort to dig deep into the unconscious mind to find inspiration for political and artistic creativity. They believed this rejection of overly rational thought would lead to superior ideas and expressions, which you will notice plenty of in Photowall's surrealism posters lineup.

The deeper meaning in surrealism posters

Andre Breton is considered the leader of the surrealist movement, wherein he defined surrealism as a pure state of mind that allows someone to express thoughts freely and without the hindrance of rational thought and societal rules. Surrealism literally means being above realism, which makes it for such a fascinating subject in surrealism posters. These thought-provoking works of art will keep you, your family or friends engaged for hours. Then again, that is the beauty of surrealism in itself, it does not need to be understood in order for it to be appreciated. When you chance upon our eclectic arsenal of surrealism posters, you might scratch your head several times and wonder what exactly is going on. That is because surrealist artists use art to show the inner workings of the mind, especially with regard to delicate themes which they considered to be frequently oppressed. By showing two vastly distinct objects in art, one could generate ideas about the differences and then relate to the similarities. When you hang surrealist posters on your walls, you are not just providing incredible visual style, but also have something that makes people think and reflect.
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