TREND REPORT S/S 2023 - Futuristic, extravagant and blooming

We're heading for brighter times and the first emerging rays of sunshine bring the feeling of spring and new beginnings. Don't forget to slow down and enjoy every moment - being here and now has never been more meaningful. In this guide, we present our 3 wallpaper collections, inspired by the biggest trends of this year. So get ready to fill your safe oasis with exciting style clashes, futuristic touches and plenty of colour - your next wallpaper favourite can't wait to be found.

Meta Waves - PWP

Off and on

We've long talked about contrasts when it comes to trends. 2023 is no exception, however, this year, they're taking on some updated looks. This spring we're filling our homes with futuristic colours and virtual shapes combined with total stillness. With the trend word "metaverse" in the back of our minds, we are creating a constantly connected existence, but with a clear off and on button. We're integrating new modern technologies into spaces for relaxation - like a futuristic cozy tech spa decorated with lavender tones and pixelated surfaces. Put on your bathrobe and slippers, control the room temperature with your voice and let the newly integrated technology take care of you.


Go for the feels

We're seeing a trend where we're focusing more and more on achieving genuine pleasure and experiencing things that make us feel alive inside. The kind of feelings that can't be captured on film. This is about being here and now and we want this feeling to become one with our home. Nature is a key ingredient here, with updated colour schemes bursting with new energy.

Orange Terrazzo Pattern - Jorma Jämsén

"It's no longer about what style you have, but more about what feeling you're after."


Fall in love with colour

After an era of peaceful tones, we're now looking at brighter colours that bring joy. Exuberant is just right, both in terms of colour and shape and how they are combined. The spectrum is wide, but strong tones of red and blue are the top trends in this summer's palette. Take it all out with wallpaper on both walls and ceilings, or go for smaller details such as posters or textiles. Either way, now is the time to fall in love with colour - once and for all.

Stitched Together - WA Collection

This year's trend scout - here we've listed our three favourites and created unique wallpaper collections to go with each trend.


Trend 1: The Baroness Blend 

Exuberant style clashes 

Palette: Blood red, blue, apricot & turquoise

Lavish is the theme of this collection. Take what you have at home as long as it's big and takes up space. Baroque floral arrangements in archaic ceramic urns are happily displayed on the minimalist plexiglass table. Powerful colours such as blood red and cobalt blue dominate, although softer tones such as apricot or turquoise also have their place to lighten the mood. This trend has a clear, hedonistic style of decorating stating life should be lived to the fullest. We want things that move us, details that make us feel deeply in our souls and we've completely stopped apologising for not fitting in. Patterned floors, coloured ceilings, magnificent arches and double doors that open wide to the world - think big and outside the box. Way outside. This trend involves drinking wine instead of water, lapping up blue screen lights on velvet-covered divans with lion paws and, above all, living big in every moment.

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Trend 2: Protopia

Where more is more 

Palett: Palette: Green, blue, yellow & orange

In its purest form, Protopia is defined as a state where we no longer struggle for survival (Dystopia), nor do we strive for perfection (Utopia). Protopia is a world with a constant collective will to change and improve, but where there is also an expectation of needing to evolve. We look at our origins, questioning our lifestyles. We fill our homes and hearts with health and love. And, of course, nature plays a major role. This trend is full of vegetation and shades of green. The colour green is naturally relaxing and refreshing whilst yellow hues promote creativity, and here, we see both colors in a subtle mix. Lots of patterns, different shapes and a celebration of your own style is the mantra of this trend.

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Trend 3: Metamodernism

Escape into a virtual reality

Palette: Purple, pink & white

Welcome to a future inspired by the metaverse and the digital world. Bright, shiny surfaces with flowing shapes combined with pleasant lighting. Additional elements include 3D, chrome, and white metal. Bright pink tones are interspersed with artificial art and the entire purple spectrum - from the brightest lavender to vibrant neon. Let your emotions be your guide. In general, it's stripped down, yet cosy. Fluffy shapes and futuristic designs that are as much about escaping everyday life as they are about coming home. We see mirrors, innovative materials, and holistic solutions in a seamless world that we freely wander in and out of.

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