World Maps

High-quality world maps wall murals add a lot of charm and beauty to a space. With our ever-expanding selection, you can freely choose from many world maps wall murals that will bringRead more you pleasure and interest for a long time. Browse our tabbed categories below and assess which world maps wall murals tier best appeals to your wishes.

City maps

Our city maps wall murals bring a lot of graphic interest and catchy detail to a space. These wall murals are a wonderful choice for an industrial type of setting, adding texture to the overall design of a room. City maps often have a lot of interesting patterns and complex dimensions which makes them a terrific visual focal point for any place. There are even some city maps that are produced in the colour red, which is a very appealing and lively colour for your office, industrial space or home. With so many great cities to choose from in our world maps wall murals, you can make any city map your own. Whether you prefer the romantic grandeur of Paris, the bustling energy of Tokyo or the iconic tapestry of New York, we have them all.

National maps from around the globe

Most of us are all truly proud of where we come from, so it is logical and fun to hang a national map wall mural to display our identity. Our world maps wall murals offer a lot of lovely national maps, where you can choose the one you’re living in or perhaps one where you have moved from. With globalisation, a lot of our ancestors are from a certain area of the world that we still love, but maybe not have been able to personally visit, so a national map wall mural really brings that country a bit closer to home. With these world maps wall murals, there are national maps that are produced in black and white, some are fabricated using very light colours, and others with more vivid tones.

Featuring space maps in world maps murals

Space map wall murals are a reflection of our childlike wonder towards outer space. The solar system has always been a great source of intrigue by humans. Our world maps wall murals of space maps are not only very educational, but also possess a certain degree of drama and beauty that is distinctly its own. Usually, the space maps are designed with the usage of dark colours for the background and brighter colours for the planets. This contrast really draws the eye towards these world maps wall murals of space, enticing a new audience and giving the viewer a chance to reflect. These particular wall murals make a lovely addition to a child's room, a classroom, an office, a house’s common area or a mini-library.

Sea charts as decor

Though we may not all be master mariners who can navigate the sea, almost all of us are fascinated by the vastness of the sea. These world maps wall murals of sea charts are very detailed and makes the onlooker interested, inviting an audience. Sea charts are not only wonderful for those who would like to learn more about the oceans, but also make for a delightful inclusion in a cottage space, office areas or a domestic room. World maps wall murals of sea charts will raise the allure of any place, appealing to the inquisitiveness of human nature when it comes to the Seven Seas.

World maps wall murals

World maps are so interesting because they you that exciting feeling of being able to point somewhere to indicate where you are from, where you’ve been and where you might want to go someday. World maps wall murals give you a sense of belonging and having a place in the world. Among the many options we present, there are some world maps which very colourful and some which are styled in a more muted tone. This allows you to create really different types of moods for your various spaces. Perhaps finding something inherently beautiful and calming about world maps will encourage you to create a recurring theme in your home or office by hanging different styles of world map murals in different areas. With plenty of picks, you have the freedom to style it according to your world maps wall murals preferences.
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