Wild Animals

Our planet is full of beautiful wild animals that fascinate us and elicit emotional responses that we can’t always explain. We have a plentiful bounty of wild animal canvas prints, soRead more you can choose a painting that is impactful and makes an impressive design statement for your home. You can select sizes and designs that fit perfectly into your environment, utilizing available space in a dramatic way. Pick a painting and tailor it to your existing decor or go wild and choose something you love as a focal point to build a theme around. Your options are limited only by your imagination.

Pictures That Paint a Thousand Words

Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift, or you want to make a powerful statement about your life, wild animal paintings can be an excellent choice. Since the beginning of time, people have used animals as symbols of expression. Although our communication skills grow with every generation, art and literature around the globe still values animal symbolism. Choosing a painting that makes a poignant statement about the way we feel allows us to use art for more than just decoration. Our marvelous canvas prints are so varied in style that you can choose art to use as a striking design feature while also expressing your inner feelings.

Love in the Time of Printed Canvas Art

On occasion, we can all struggle to express ourselves when it comes to affairs of the heart. Art offers the perfect vessel to deliver our affections to one another. Many animals that are perceived as symbols of love still take that role in today's world. While some animal symbolism is culture specific (mainly due to animals being particular to geographic regions) a lot is universal. In Greco-Roman mythology, swans were sacred to the goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. This connection led to them being deemed symbols of love. Any one of our beautiful swan paintings would make a wonderful wedding gift or a present for a loved one. Doves are also symbolic of love -- often represented in some form at modern weddings. These pretty birds also represent parental (particularly maternal) love. Consider a dove canvas print as a gift to new parents. It's an excellent way to illustrate the two most powerful emotions we feel.

The Art of Power and Determination

Lions and tigers are symbolic of power and strength in many cultures around the world. These relentless warriors of the animal kingdom continue to push forward in the face of life’s challenges. Their representation of courage and strength has existed for eons, and they continue to hold the same meaning in many cultures today. Use a beautiful canvas print as a statement piece to signify your struggle through difficult times. We have a fabulous range of paintings to choose from, with images that are suitable for adults and children alike. Make a bold, powerful statement about your confidence to succeed through all of life’s arduous times, or simply choose an image that creates a potent focal point within your room.

The Art of Balancing Life

The cultural depictions of elephants in symbolism, mythology and popular culture are probably more prolific than any creature in the animal kingdom. There are very few dominant cultures in the world that haven’t attached a symbolic meaning to these beautiful, elegant beasts. Their representation in art goes back to prehistoric times and continues to this day. Our broad selection of stylish canvas prints features these amazing animals in all aspects of their lives. Whether you’re looking for a photographic representation or a stylized, abstract image, you’ll find something that is sure to impress. Elephants form groups made up of family and friends, with females raising their children together and males leaving the matriarchal-led herds when they reach puberty. They make the perfect subject for art that can adorn the wall of everybody's home. The elephant’s symbolic qualities are positive and plentiful. They represent patience, honor and stability: traits that we all aspire to possess. If you’re looking for a beautiful centerpiece for a wall in your home or a gift for somebody special, you won’t be disappointed with our bank of gorgeous canvas prints. Our wild animal range isn't limited to the above members of the animal kingdom. We have extensive stocks of wild animal art in a wealth of styles and presentations. A black and white canvas print will complement your monochromatic decor, and our bold, colorful paintings can be used to inject a vibrant burst of color and warmth onto stark white walls. Whether you’re looking for yourself or seeking the perfect gift, we have a remarkable and unique library of images for you to choose from.
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