Feeling nostalgic, and longing for those golden days when life was easier? Has the hustle and bustle of modern living left you feeling stressed out? Perhaps the endless chasing after Read morebigger and better has left you feeling tired and drained? Your answer to feeling more relaxed may be in returning to the tried and tested. Vintage is the new modern, and we are loving it! Vintage is not a shy fly-on-the-wall type of style. It sets the tone with loud aquamarines, hot pinks and greens so intense they can be bottled and sold as elixirs. A whimsical canvas print filled with humour that explodes with mirth and colour is a solid choice when creating a vintage feel. Vintage could also be a canvas print of the Eiffel tower in muted colours or a painting of a luscious spring grape with a worn feel. To achieve the vintage look, you should be comfortable contrasting and mixing the old and new to achieve that retro feel. Your canvas print should tell a story that captivates the viewer. Landscapes of peaceful green fields are not the look we are going for here. However, canvas prints of the James Dean golden era or hand-tinted photograph of Route 66 tells a story and captivates the imagination. Vintage interiors provide the perfect backdrop to display collections of canvas prints. Display five or six prints of old-fashioned stamps, or display canvas prints of your favourite childhood sports teams. Remember that going vintage gives you a license to remember and reminisce. In essence, vintage is about inviting retro pieces into a modern space or contrasting bright and shiny new objects in a shabby-chic room. Don't be afraid to start with a small canvas print. Sometimes just a little bit of old is what's needed to give a room a new lease of life. Vintage is about story telling at its best, it is about character and appreciating the bones of design for its structure and not its age. Be brave; allow your well-loved pieces to come to life by adding a touch of modernity to it.