The capital of Sweden is an inspiring place, visually speaking, so it has been captured in many images over the years. Now Photowall can bring some of the best photography and artworkRead more to your home and provide you with a canvas print or two that show the city off in its best light. If you are looking for the perfect Scandinavian painting or photograph to set your home's interior decoration off stylishly, then the prints on offer of the grandest city in Sweden will certainly hit the mark.

Stockholm in Paintings

One of the great things about Stockholm is that it has been an inspiration to artists of all kinds over the decades. Perhaps it is the Nordic light or maybe it is down to the fact that the city is surrounded by and criss-crossed by so much reflective water that it often becomes the subject matter of paintings. Whatever the reason, a painting of Stockholm hung in any room of your home will be the ideal way to enjoy the city – even if you have never set foot in it before. Perhaps one of the best examples of a graphical painting style is Stockholm Skyline which features many of the most famous buildings of the city in a silhouette pattern but with a riot of color splashed through them which really encapsulates just what a fast-moving and modern metropolis this is. There again, a stylized image like Orange Map uses a more restrained palette to feature the city from a bird's eye view.

The City of Bridges

Built on 14 islands, Stockholm is unlike any other European capital in some respects and this is captured best in imagery that features its stunning bridge network. Great canvas prints like Stockholm – Old Town or Sunset in the Old Town in Stockholm depict nearly as much of the waterways and bridges as they do the architecture of the older parts of the city. Moreover, a canvas print like City Between the Bridges is also the ideal blend of man-made structures and pale reflections captured on still waters. Boats at Dusk, Stockholm also evokes the calmness of the city's water, but for something more dynamic, how about Fog over Stadsgårdenkajen in Stockholm instead?

Modern Stockholm

Of course, Stockholm is a thoroughly modern place and this has also been captured in glorious canvas prints. Images like Kungsgatan at Noon or Sergels Torg are the perfect choice for more contemporary cityscape pictures as is Centralbron at Dusk, the city's modern beating heart.
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