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Retro Glamour - Framed print - Bedroom




Photowall's retro framed prints from the art and design category are the ideal decoration for any room of your home, office or recreational abode. Designed with some unique layouts Read moreand greatly detailed photography, these motifs are timelessly beautiful. Retro framed prints offer a superbly chic vibe that will become the focal point of your interiors. These wonderful designs not only look visually appealing, but can also make a strong and personal statement. Retro framed prints can easily create a nostalgic ambiance since the pieces are influenced by trends throughout the decades. Aside from making your walls lively and vibrant, you will also be able to match or contrast them with your existing interior design since Photowall allows you to make the alterations you need.

Incredible style in retro framed prints

Looking at some of the great modern paintings of the twentieth century, it is possible to see just how much experimentation was done with both form, objects and colour during that time. For an interior décor style that harks back to such stunning works of art, simply take a look at retro framed prints like Still Life with Violin and Roses. This is a great representation of what the original artworks from the first half of the twentieth century looked like. If you are more into the classic 1950s style of decoration, the endearing set of Retro Kitchen I, II and III are the perfect choice as they are available in multiple colour schemes. For a slightly more upbeat and funkier vibe that is more associated with the swinging sixties and seventies, retro framed prints like New York City Life II definitely hit the mark. The dynamism of that period coupled with the famous New York spirit will make your interiors pop and become a memorable place to be.

Upgrading your interiors

One of the easiest and most innovative ways to create a retro style in your rooms is with the use of Photowall's amazing retro framed prints. The colours present in this collection are simply astounding and can make any mundane or monotonous wall look lively and vibrant. The unique designs and rich details can look good in any residential, corporate or recreational space. Enhance your focal points with elements of nature and combine it with works of art in the form these nature-themed retro framed prints. Retro Flower, Woodland Dwellers Deer Dots and Still Life with Roses and Candle are just some of the samples that can provide you with a touch nature. If you want retro framed prints that are more affable and child-friendly, choose something like Spooks I. This perfectly cute illustration shows us a cat in a whimsical manner, ideal for any child's bedroom, study area or play space. The versatility of retro framed prints allows you a lot of leeway in terms of decorating.

Advantages of retro framed prints

Since retro framed prints encompasses several decades of styles, you have the benefit of having a timeless design and at the same time something that looks good even in modern environments. When you add fabrics and textures inspired by the aforementioned decades, you will truly capture the essence of retro style. There is also retro style furniture, colour schemes, accents and floorings with which you can play around. These together with the retro framed prints will help you successfully achieve a look that will be loved not only by your parents or grandparents, but your kids as well. Just imagine a beautiful piece such as Plymouth Savoy with Palms, for example, in your home's hallway and how it will welcome anyone into your space. Retro framed prints can be used in any type of room, such is this category's variety.
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