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Smart ways to decorate your home office

It does not have to be difficult to create an inspiring home office, whether you plan to use it to work from home or just want a nice and pleasant space from which you can pay the bills and shop online. You do not have to live in a large house or have an extra room left over. The trick is simply to know how to make the best use of the space. Below we list 5 of our best tips for success!


Simplicity and a common thread

Large, spectacular furniture in all its glory, though if you want your work surface to go in the same style as the rest of your interior and fit into the whole, one tip is to choose somewhat discreet furniture. Choose furniture with simple, clean lines and then invest in the details around the furniture itself. Create a common thread with the rest of the room using colours, shapes and materials.


Choose the right chair

The word computer chair brings to mind the thoughts of dull and boring swivel chairs on wheels with height-adjustable armrests - but that does not have to be the case at all! Instead, choose a chair that you think is nice and comfortable to sit in, regardless of whether it is categorized as a desk chair or not. In some cases, a nice and comfortable kitchen chair can fit best.


Storage in focus

Having enough storage is a recurring problem, and if you find it difficult to fit all the small items, you can solve parts of the problem by setting up a shelf or wall cabinet. Feel free to store the items in nice boxes, containers or jars for a neater feeling. Less is more when it comes to the things you choose to have in front and visible.


Think outside the box

Just like with the chair, you do not have to choose a regular desk just because that is the function the table should have. There are many nice variations on side tables and relief tables that can work great. You can also create your own desk with a standard base and a custom-made top. Maybe one in natural stone, plywood, dark stained wood or stylish glass? Choose what you think suits your room best and which has a comfortable height to sit at.


Last but not least; the trash can!

In today's digitalized society, paper may not be as common in work situations, but a workplace can still have a use for a trash can. If you decide to have one, do not let it ruin an otherwise inspiring workspace. There are many nice variants to choose from, and if you have animals or children at home, a tip can be to get a trash can with a lid to keep small paws and hands out of the rubbish!

If you are of the handy kind, you can also try dressing an old boring trash can in some finer material, e.g. a piece of that favourite wallpaper that remains since you last wallpapered!



We are many who work from home in these times and nothing is as inspiring as a nice workplace. We hope that with these tips we have inspired you to create your own little work space with your unique touch in the quiet corner of the home!

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