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Start the Christmas season early with 3 beautiful Christmas decorations

As soon as the calendar switches to November, I think it's okay to start thinking about Christmas crafts! Because starting now reduces stress levels and makes more time for fun – crafting in peace and quiet. You don't need any prior skills to succeed with these, and each project can be completed in 15 minutes. So sharpen the scissors, bring out the ruler and the creative desire - here comes some Christmas inspiration!

I think that at Christmas, all styles, colours and shapes are allowed. Sure, there are classic colour schemes like red and green, but I want to go off the beaten track and dare to mix it up with other colours. This year, for example, I fancy a Christmas with a pink/purple theme. But of course, with some classic features that keep that Christmas holiday feel. I'm planning to mix red, green, gold and natural materials with this year's favourites. I think it will be a wonderful Christmas.

Fold a Stylish Paper Tree Quickly and Easily

Difficulty level

Time required
10–15 min

What you'll need:
- Wallpaper or other thick paper
- Barbecue skewer
- Scissors/scalpel
- Hole puncher or needle

Christmas trees made with Marble Red Damasco Gold

With a little wallpaper and a barbecue skewer, you can make pretty fir trees to either stick in Christmas food, or use as a table decoration. These trees are made with Marble Red Damasco Gold wallpaper. To make them, cut out long triangles and fold in an accordion fold. Make holes with a hole puncher or a needle and thread the Christmas tree onto a barbecue skewer.

Make a pretty garland

Difficulty level

Time required
15+ min (depending on how long you want the garland to be)

What you'll need:
- Wallpaper, thick paper, wrapping paper, book pages (your imagination is the only limit)
- Paper punch in different shapes or cut freehand using scissors
- Sewing machine

Garland made with Sonja Pink, Watercolor Evening Plum, Watercolor Pink Calcite, The Dream – Marsla Blush

With the help of different shapes, you can make effective garlands. You can cut out circles, squares and crescents freehand just fine but  it's quicker to use paper punches. When you have several different shapes, you can quickly sew a long length on the sewing machine, of course! Sewing wallpaper with a sewing machine works well. 

It can be nice to use this kind of garland to decorate a laid table, hang in the Christmas tree or just have hanging criss-cross in the room for a more festive feel. Here I have used wallpaper scraps, but it works just as well with plain paper, wrapping paper or maybe even some pages from an old book. 

How to fold a decorative Christmas Paper Star

Difficulty level

Time required
15 min

What you'll need:

- Wallpaper or other thick paper
- Scissors or scalpel
- Cord
- Double-sided adhesive tape or quick-drying glue, such as a glue gun

These Christmas stars are made with Watercolor Evening Plum and Watercolor Pink Calcite wallpapers

Folding the stars into different sizes is incredibly easy to do using wallpaper. The star is a little more sturdy as wallpaper is thicker than normal paper. You can make anything from small stars to hang in the Christmas tree or to place as decorations on a tablecloth, up to larger sizes to hang in the window. To make small stars like the ones I've made here, you need a piece of wallpaper that is 5 x 45 cm. Fold an accordion fold and cut a shape along the outer edge of one long side. Thread a length of cord and tie it together. Attach the star with double-sided adhesive tape and make holes in the top. Use cord if you want to hang them up. If you want a double-sided star, glue together two equally sized pieces of wallpaper with the backs facing each other before you start to fold. 

Let the Christmas crafting begin!

Quick and Easy Paper Christmas Decorations

Anna María Larsson is a Swedish creator, inspirator and DIY professional. She is of the firm opinion that everyone is creative and can come up with ideas; it only requires a little training. She appears on a regular basis on TV, holds workshops and gives lectures. She shares what she creates and offers inspiration with her blog and Instagram account @dnilva.

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