We all have figures, characters or idols we look up to. These don't necessarily have to be famous people, but we certainly like to keep a remnant of this admiration close by, to remRead moreind us why these persons inspire us in the first place. People posters takes this sentiment and provides you with a vast array of iconic images of well-known people from history and more modern idols. Our high-quality, customisable people posters feature celebrities, people from famous paintings, sports heroes and even anonymous, every day kind of people. These delightful depictions can be a refreshing inclusion in your home or office decoration. As always, you can modify these motifs to suit your overall aesthetic, interior design and colour schemes of the space you are looking to fix up.

People posters categories

Our people posters collection offers realistic photographs, artistic portraits and more abstract renditions of people who are famous but also people in daily situations, from all walks of life. There are three subcategories to people posters, which are divided into Famous People, Portraits and Sports People. To give you a quick preview, some of the celebrities depicted involve Rita Hayworth, Marlon Brando, Brigitte Bardot, Freddie Mercury, and so many, many more. These people posters are available in standard styles as well as creative interpretations. People posters are meant to celebrate not only their lives, but also their art like films, music and athletic achievements. With such a tremendous variety, you will be hard pressed not to find one or multiple images that fit perfectly into your residential, commercial or recreational space.

Remember the name

Photowall has made it even easier for you to pick who you want to beautify your walls with by arranging Famous People into a couple more subcategories. You can choose from Actors & Actresses, Directors, Music Artists and Sporting Personalities. There are a lot of gorgeous black and white portrayals of popular figures from Hollywood and beyond. The Godfather - Don Vito Corleone is one such iconic people poster, showing the beloved Marlon Brando in his most seminal role as the head of the Corleone Family of the timeless classic film The Godfather. How about a legend in terms of athletic ability like the self-proclaimed greatest of all-time, Muhammad Ali? Take Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston, a staple of best sports pictures around the globe, showing the great one towering over his opponent after defeating him in a famed brawl that was watched by millions. These people posters will not only light up your room, but also bring history as well as artistic value into your interior.

Music in people posters

Musicians also tend to play a big role in the lives of people, as music is the gateway to the soul, or so they say. There are simple portraits of celebrities such as Frank Sinatra or The Beatles, but also more whimsical fare like posters of the late Amy Winehouse, here rendered in dramatic but artsy fashion. There are a multitude of album-like covers and images that can be the perfect accessory in your living room, showing your appreciation for these amazing artists and all that they have done for the music industry. These types of people posters not only make a visual impact, but also stimulate the brain into remembering their music that will live on forever.


As already stated, people posters also provides something for the art aficionado as it gives a platform for artists such as Edouard Manet, Leonardo da Vinci, Gustav Klimt, and so on. Many of their most known portraits are present in this people posters category. You can decorate your wall with these astonishing works of art, whether you choose to do this in your home or office, you are guaranteed to have maximum visual impact with these people posters.
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