In terms of interior design, one of the most useful and stylish components to have is that of abstract art. This is why Photowall has created a category dedicated exclusively to this Read moretype of decoration in the form of abstract wall murals. Surfaces and textures are often overlooked because people take them for granted. They are so used to them being around almost all the time that they forget the importance of these elements. Abstract wall murals related to these two traits can definitely draw attention and catch the eye of your visitors into your space. If you isolate specific abstract wall murals, it will bring out your individualism and show a different side of your personality. Allow yourself to select one of the high-quality and richly detailed abstract wall murals to spruce up your home, office or recreational space. All the items in Photowall's abstract wall murals assortment can be adjusted in accordance to your colour schemes, interior design style and overall aesthetic.

Creating a look with abstract wall murals

The latest trends in interior design dictate that if you want a modern finish to your interiors, use sleek abstract wall murals that represent the future. Abstract wall murals like "Flowing Paper" or "Galaxy Art" are beautiful examples of such an impactful view. Similarly, if you fancy a more traditional approach, choose abstract wall murals that have a stony or rough appearance to them that will emanate a cozier, idyllic feel. Check out "Corrugated Iron Sheeting" or "Reclaimed Pinwheel" for such a perspective. Remember that every room needs a contrasting element to emphasize the overall look you want to achieve. Creating parity by pairing disparate designs is a clever way of integrating the abstract wall murals assemblage according to your specifications and wishes. Your home or office will benefit tremendously from this kind of interior design.

Colour is life

We all know how big of a role colour plays in our daily lives, whether it is what we wear, what we consume and even what we think. Colour has the power to affect our emotions and moods on an every day basis, so it makes sense to have colours that you like in spaces that you frequent. The vibrant hues of an abstract wall mural like "Blue Liquid Marble", for example, can really make your wall decoration stand out. Specks of gold in an ocean of various blue colours create an atmosphere of luxury, something that translates as well at home in the living room as it does in the board room at the office. Abstract wall murals like "Seamless Azure Marble" on the other hand are much subtler, providing a soothing mood but at the same time great visual weight. Depending on your overall plan for your chosen space, you can even combine these two approaches for maximum impact.

Effect of abstract wall murals

Living spaces especially should be able to capture your attention and keep it there. The ocular heft within the walls of a space can be increased by a stylish addition to the composition. Well-placed abstract wall murals provide this while at the same time creating the perceived sense of touch. If you choose a design that adds depth and pattern, such it will animate the room and give it a lively ambience. A superb example of this notion is the abstract wall mural titled "Bright Neon Lights". There are also other examples of abstract wall murals that can have a calming effect which is also important in rooms that are often occupied by many people. Take "A Glimpse of Blue", a gorgeous abstract wall mural that radiates tranquility and a sense of calm. If you want to take it even one step further and place a contrasting texture directly against the abstract wall murals, it will definitely enhance the vista even more. In other words, you can adjust the visual weight of a place by adjusting the distance between two or more contrasting abstract wall murals.
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