Brown wallpapers

Decorate with brown wallpaper for a cosy atmosphere

Brown wallpapers will give any room a luxurious and cosy feel. But the details and secondary colours you choose to balanceRead more out the brown walls will be absolutely critical. Say brown wallpaper and some people think of drab basements, decorated some time back in the fifties and then forgotten. That notion of brown wallpaper could not be more wrong! There's more you can do with brown wallpaper than many people think, especially when combined in the right way.

Brown wallpaper works as a base colour more often than you would think

Brown wallpaper with green styling details or furniture is an excellent combo that brings to mind nature. Large-leaved green plants in front of brown wallpaper look fantastic. Using pink as a secondary colour with brown wallpaper makes for an incredibly gorgeous effect. Pink curtains and pink cushions complement brown wallpaper amazingly well if you like that colour combination. Brown with gold is beyond elegant. It can give your bedroom a luxurious feel, with brown-patterned wallpaper, a gold-toned bedspread and scatter cushions. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style. Another hot tip is to match brown wallpaper with white and turquoise. White and turquoise curtains against brown wallpaper is a lovely look.

Dare to decorate with brown wallpaper

So, brown wallpaper goes well with many secondary colours and styles. This makes it easy to switch styles without having to change your wallpaper. Use new curtains and sofa cushions, put up a canvas print, and you'll soon find you’ve created a new look with the same wallpaper. We promise that you’ll be able to vary your decor for many years to come with this simple trick. If you want to change your room more radically, then just change your wallpaper. It's not that difficult, and is not expensive in proportion to the effect of new wallpaper. Just think how much time you spend in your home. Lavish love and attention on your walls and you’ll find it’s money well spent.

The colour brown and what it symbolises

Your interior design is an expression of who you are. Not everyone thinks about what colours symbolise, but if it's important to you, it matters to know what the colour brown stands for. Brown symbolises stability, seriousness, warmth, family, honesty and strength. Brown wallpaper is ideal for down-to-earth people with a strong affinity for family and friends. If you think this describes you, consider styling with brown wallpaper as your primary colour.

The soothing effect of a forest

If you enjoy the great outdoors, it's not a bad idea to include some of the colours that are closer to nature when you’re styling. More than anything, brown wallpaper can make a room extra cosy during the winter months, or when nature seems very remote, or when you don't have a lot of time to get out of the house. If you regularly go for walks in the forest, brown wallpaper will remind you of the calmness you feel outdoors. Many studies have shown that people's heart rate drops when they’re in a forest.

Brown wallpaper in many shades

Brown comes in many shades, as do our brown wallpapers. They vary from deep reddish-browns to light browns verging on beige. We have a wide range of brown motifs inspired by nature among our wallpapers. Take your time to look through our full range of brown wallpapers until you find your favourites. We’re confident you will find a brown motif you like. Dare to style with brown!

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