Statues & Sculptures

Bring the beauty history and meaningful architecture from around the world right into your residential, commercial or recreational space with Photowall's excellent and high quality Read morestatues & sculptures posters. These posters feature the most iconic monuments in stone, from many different countries and regions, and various cultures as well as belief systems. From gorgeously detailed statues & sculptures posters of Buddha in selected settings to the iconic carving of Mount Rushmore National Monument, the stories these famous landmarks tell us are as diverse as their locations. Our selection of statues & sculptures posters cover almost every corner of the world, from the humidity of the South Americas to the cool breeze of Northern Europe, we have it all for you. These motifs in statues & sculptures posters can also be adjusted in accordance with your other interior design and the already established colour schemes in the room you have chosen to decorate or design.

The importance of statues & sculptures posters

Statues and sculptures come from a deep need that humans have to have with where they live, as these often massive works of art are the connection between the spirit and the people of the location. Statues & sculptures posters showcasing real and mythical figures stretch all the way from the Americas to the Far East. There is also a sprinkle of the mythological and fantastical mixed into this category of statues & sculptures posters. Aside from images that are so detailed and rich in fine points that you can almost reach out and feel the statue or sculpture, Photowall also has statues & sculptures posters that are more derived from the artistic side. There is a healthy mix of options in statues & sculptures posters, which gives you a lot freedom when it comes to choosing an appropriate design for your home or office room.

The symbol of a religious founder

Let us take a look of the most well represented figure in statues & sculptures posters, the Buddha Statue. The Buddha Statue is a symbol of Buddhism's ancient founder, Siddhartha Gautama, a prince from northern India who lived from about 563 to 483 BC. The Buddha Statue itself signifies what Buddhists refer to as the "Enlightened One," the basic idol of Buddhism. This prominent subject in statues & sculptures posters also represents a philosophical belief system that's deeply concerned with overcoming suffering, where the law of karma can be very rigid and impersonal. Under the Buddhist system of moral cause and effect there is no mercy and no forgiveness, because escape from suffering is only possible through a continuous cycle of good deeds and striving for self-perfection. You can see that this particular section of statues & sculptures posters is very meaningful, which is also something that makes for a great and important focal point in the space you want to fix up. The motif named Buddhist Statue, Hong Kong, for example, is a very beautiful and at the same time substantial statues & sculptures poster, which can look fantastic in any home or office area. If you are aiming for a statues & sculptures poster with even more pep, Big Sur Tea Garden Buddha might just be the piece for you. It mixes the very real symbolical value of Buddha with a more out there design, creating incredible visual weight and interest.

The wordliness of statues & sculptures posters

As previously mentioned, statues & sculptures posters covers a lot of ground globally. You can pick something like Vintage Statue of Liberty, a beautiful motif of one of the most famous statues in the world, fondly referred to as Lady Liberty, a classic and emblematic representative of the United States of America. On the other side of the world, statues & sculptures posters also offers items such as Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway, where you can view not just the sculpture itself, but also get a superb glimpse at the allure and grace of the park itself. These are just a few of the examples of statues & sculptures posters being a very international tier of wall decor.
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