Sand Dunes

Sand dunes are perhaps one of the most visually pleasing natural contours in existence. They are a common sight in places where sand is the primary terrestrial foundation. They can beRead more seen in deserts, beaches, tropical islands, and thousands of other places where sand proliferates. They can even be seen in your backyard. It is strange how a simple accumulation of sand can be the source of interesting beauty. Photowall pays homage to this peculiar but beautiful natural wonder in its remarkable collection of sand dunes posters. These images feature these contours with such vivid colors and shades that one cannot help but be stupefied by them. These sand dunes posters would be the perfect addition to give your home an exotic and vibrant feel. They come in a nearly endless variety of designs and colors for the discriminating urban sophisticate to choose from. Hang these in your living room and marvel at how their pattern and structure add much-needed dynamism and nuance to your space. Even your kids will love these sand dunes posters once you hang them in their sleeping areas and play nooks. Teach them about the great deserts and beaches of the world with these sand dunes posters.

Colorful in sand dunes posters

Under the heat of the desert sun, the human eyes can be deluded into thinking it is seeing something that is actually not there. This strange phenomenon is called a mirage, and they often happen to desert travelers who are suffering from dehydration and about to have a heat stroke. Resting on a sand dune can spell the difference between life and death for these adventurers, who wish with all their hearts that, behind the next sand dune, there will be a lush and fertile oasis. Photowall lets you in on the adventure with “Sahara Desert”, “Sand Desert”, and “Bright Desert” in its fine collection of sand dunes posters. These one-of-a-kind images depict what trekkers see in some of the aridest deserts on Earth. Place these sand dunes posters in your lounging area or recreational space to give them a feeling of adventure and size. Sit in your chaise with a tall glass of iced tea while letting these sand dunes posters transport you to a place where such a beverage could save your very existence. There will never be a moment of boredom with these sand dunes posters in your home.

Beautiful in sand dunes posters

During the Gulf War, American and Iraqi soldiers would hold close combat while lying flat on sand dunes. These offered minimal protection from bullets but served as a great camouflage for both sides because the color of the sand rendered the warriors virtually invisible. Photowall gives you a feel of the adventure with “Sand Landscape”, “Dunes of the Desert”, and “Sand Dunes” in its fine line of sand dunes posters. These splendid images display the vivid hues of the dunes when hit at just the perfect angle by the rays of the sun. The corresponding play of light and shadow will add a dimension of depth and emotional shading to your living spaces. Arrange these sand dunes posters in columns to create an arresting artist’s piece. You will be the envy of all your neighbors and workmates when they see the style and elegance that these sand dunes posters have brought into your dwelling place. Invite them for drinks while basking in the sophistication and edginess provided by these beautiful sand dunes posters.

Light and shadow

During the Six-Day War of the nation of Israel against Syria, there was a moment when the Hebrew army was nearly depleted of personnel and about to be overrun by its adversary. As the Syrians were poised to make their fatal attack, the Hebrews noticed that their enemies aborted their efforts and began to retreat. Israel, taking advantage of this occurrence, pressed the battle forward and kept their enemies at bay until reinforcements could arrive. Later, when asked why they retreated, the Syrians related that they beheld thousands of Israeli soldiers standing on the sand dunes, ready to repel their attack. Now whether this was a simple case of the Syrians experiencing a desert mirage or if it was actually a miracle from God is still open to speculation, but the sand dunes in this part of the world have a tale to tell that is truly historic indeed. Photowall gives you more with “Castle and Camels”, “Light and Shadow”, and “Death Valley National Park, California”, in its fine line of sand dunes posters. These amazing images depict these dunes during different times of day, thus giving them their own particular personalities and character. Grab your own collection of these sand dunes posters today.
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