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Dawn at The Golden Temple - Poster - Kitchen




Having an element of spirituality in your interior decoration is always a welcome and pleasing sight. With Photowall's array of temples posters, you can have buildings reserved for reRead moreligious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice as the focal point of your interiors. The term temple is typically used for such buildings belonging to all faiths where a more specific term such as church, mosque or synagogue is not generally used in English. These include Hinduism and Buddhism among religions with many modern followers, each with their own charm and character. As temples posters will show, they are often considered by believers to be in some sense the "house" of one or more deities. Temples typically have a main building and a larger precinct, which may contain many other buildings, or maybe a dome shaped structure. The word temple itself comes from Ancient Rome, where a templum constituted a sacred precinct. With unique designs, amazing colour combinations and grandiose location, temples posters will lend your walls style, grace and meaning.

Diversity in temples posters

As already hinted at, temples can be associated with many different religions around the world. This gives temples posters its variety not just in terms of belief system, but also geographical locations. From the beauty of the Orient to the grandeur of the West, you can have your pick of the litter, so to say. Furthermore, the incredible amount of colour can also work to your favor when decorating your space. Temples posters can create tremendous visual weight with their different shades and hues. These can be used to facilitate your wall decor, but also to match, or contrast with your existing interior design, colour schemes and overall aesthetic. Another beautiful facet to this category is that temples posters can look fantastic in almost every setting. "Dawn at The Golden Temple", for example, can be as alluring in the living room at home as it can in the meeting room at the office. The multitude of options in temples posters will instantly transform your plain room into a memorable place to be. Friends, family and colleagues will undoubtedly admire your decor, while also evoking emotions of peace and tranquility.

Peace and serenity

Buddhism started as early as 4th or 6th BCE when Siddharta Gautama began to spread his teachings of suffering, nirvana and rebirth in India. Since Siddharta himself was averse to accept images of himself and used many different symbols to illustrate his teachings, there are many different auspicious symbols of Buddhism, and many say that these represent the gifts that God made to Buddha when he achieved enlightenment. You will see these in temples posters such as "Buddhist Temple", where the location can have several meanings, but mainly refers to the inherently pure potential of the mind. The serene nature of this temples poster can have a positive impact on your interior decoration as well as your psyche.

Temples posters options

In temples posters you not only have the choice of different locations throughout the globe, but also between the types of motifs you want to employ. There are real life photographs so richly detailed that you will instantly transported to that particular place of worship. "Temple at the Mountain" is a concrete example of this, a temples poster that can contribute more space and meaning to your otherwise dull room. Items such as this really make the walls pop and will leave a lasting impression on whoever views it. If you are more inclined to artistic presentation, temples posters such as "Cleansing of the Temple - Gian Paolo Panini" can be the right fit for you. A beautiful work of art like this can truly inspire and make your space more regal and sophisticated.
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