Plants & Flowers

Plants & flowers wall murals, just like in real life, are nature's way of brightening up the immediate world around us. Our first-class images bring the delight and lifeblood of the hRead moreerbal scene into your homes and office spaces for everyone near you to enjoy. Almost everywhere you look in modern decorative design these days, there are plants and flowers featured in glorious abundance because green is in again. Surrounded by these stunning visual reminders of our beautiful earth, in authentic and printed form, you will feel closer to the massive scope of flora and thus reinvigorating not just your area, but also your spirit.

Botany as a craft

Our category of Botanical Art has wondrous samplings, accomplished in various forms of imaginative illustrations. Each handpicked from the choicest and most unique designs, these pieces will bring freshness and vivacity into your chosen personal space. Looking elegant and at the same time very full of life, these plants & flowers wall murals are a guaranteed hit with you and your guests. Morning Mist is one of those exquisite items that can bring a breath of fresh air into a bedroom, a welcoming wave to a hallway or a revitalizing change of atmosphere into an office space. The uncluttered and clean composition rejuvenates visually, while the blue and green hues elicit a sense of replenishment.

Plants & flower wall murals arrangements

Using our splendid plants & flowers wall murals as en embellishment will surely suit your choice of overall aesthetic. Flower arrangements is one of those great subcategories for you to browse through, making it more convenient and easier for you to pick from our very large and mixed assortment, where you can select from both bouquets and single flowers. Dreams of Dandelion can be a beautiful adornment in a child's room for example, showing the flower's so-called florets or more affectionately known as Dandelion parachutes, flying in the wind with sun at it's back. It will encourage the kids to not just enjoy the lovely plants & flowers wall mural, but also to explore nature and the botanic scene. Zen Spa Orchid is one more enjoyable specimen of five-star plants & flower wall murals that can lift up the mood, by combining beautifully lush flowers with the calm merit of water.

Sprouting up

From Anemones to Wild Flowers, our plants & flowers wall murals have all the types of shrubs your decor needs. The five-star attention to detail will ensure that you find something new every time you look at the brilliant canvasses. These are not only limited to real photographs, but also artistic interpretations of the botanical world, such as Wild Poppies by Claude Monet, a fascinating piece of art that elevates any room into a space of sophistication and class. Likewise, Spring River Path brings a hint of mystery and a taste for adventure, infusing the room or space you are decorating with a poetic image.

Plants & flowers wall murals in parts

Different parts of flowers can be quite a gripping theme if you're sprucing up a specific area, place or room. Pick from blossoms, buds, leaves, petals, seeds, stems, thorns, twigs & branches. Leaves Lights is a wonderfully moody item, with a cool bokeh effect to boot. However, this plants & flowers wall murals tier is not just limited to flower portions, there are numerous tree scenes as well. Maple Canopy is a fine example of the latter, stating the majesty and serenity of autumn in a chic but downplayed manner. If you are more in the state of mind for a sunnier vibe, Sunset Beach is pretty much self-explanatory in its name, but nonetheless another very viable plants & flowers wall murals choice. Naturally, all these components can be tweaked and adjusted to your individual wishes and tastes.
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