Children Canvas

Once upon a time decorating a child's room was as easy as picking a colour for the walls, adding the furniture and throwing in a soft toy or two. But why settle for old school when yoRead moreu can inspire creative minds, stimulate their cognitive development and make life easier for yourself? These are just a few of the benefits of decorating a children's room with canvas prints and paintings.

Kick-start Creativity

As your child's eyes follow the broad brush strokes in a painting, their mind begins to wander. They begin to think about the colours used, the texture of the paint and even if they can create something as wondrous by themselves. As they set about exploring their own artistic talents, the developmental benefits are boundless. They improve their fine motor skills as they grasp their wand of choice. Their ingenuity, visual learning and decision making skills are exercised, and even language development is improved as the left and right sides of their brains begin to integrate and work together. By creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere, you are setting your children up for a life where they will be able to think on their feet and be able to stun the world with their resourcefulness.

Just Like a Superhero

Canvas prints can summon your child's favourite superhero right into their living space. Children are impressionable and it is imperative that parents provide them with suitable role models. Perhaps your child is shy and it’s favourite Disney character, Princess Anna, is also quite timid. Your child knows that Princess Anna overcame her fears and that it is possible to overcome awkwardness if you try. Or maybe your children share a room and need to learn to cooperate and share with each other, and you hope to inspire collaboration between them with a canvas print of Finding Nemo. Making sure that your children have tangible superheroes that they can look up to will help them to incorporate positive values which will set them up for life.

A sense of belonging

Giving your child's space an essence which is unique helps the child to feel secure. Secure children feel better about themselves, have more confidence and are able to cope better in real life situations. Paintings are one way to make a room unique. Your child will have a sense of belonging and ownership. The converse is that your child will learn that others also have their space and that they also have to respect others' space and privacy.

Make Learning Easy

The wonderful aspect of hanging canvas prints on your wall is that you can always switch them over when the mood strikes or if you feel like a change. Children get bored so quickly and need to be stimulated constantly. Take advantage of their enquiring minds and the ease of hanging a canvas print or two. Are they learning about cold Russian winters and the blazing Sahara desert? Hang a world map canvas print on their wall. As they learn about each new country they can easily reference its location and size with a handy learning tool right on their wall. Perhaps you have a budding aviator in your life. With a life-size canvas print of the cockpit of an aeroplane, take your little one's imagination to new heights while they cruise along the sky in the comfort of their own bedroom. The possibilities are endless because with the subject matter on their wall, they will be able to visually see and learn the topic at an accelerated rate.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Children bring a whole new level of messy into our lives. Not only do you have to deal with the clutter of their toys, clothes and school paraphernalia, but they have an uncanny ability to break things. How many times have you needed to repaint your child's room because they have discovered a talent for graffiti? Is there a chip in the wall because of a playful accident? Paintings have come to save your life. Cover finger prints, spaghetti drawings and holes in the wall with a painting. At the very least, the artwork will act as a focal point and detract from the not-so-perfect surroundings. Easy to clean with just a slightly damp cloth, ​canvas prints​ have come to revolutionize your kids' rooms.
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