The natural beauty of the animal world never ceases to inspire and amaze us. From the majesty and power of the African lion to the lonely vigilance of the wolf, we always find somethiRead moreng that encourages and uplifts us. That is why we all like to decorate our living spaces with animal paintings. It is hard to think of a subject that is better suited to the canvas print medium. Animal images bring the exhilaration and freedom of the world’s wide open spaces right into your home or office. They make us think about the world in an entirely different way, refreshing our senses and bringing positive emotions into our day.

Greetings from the Frosty North

In the frozen landscapes of the Arctic Circle, nature is indifferent to the hustle and bustle of city life. The animals of the icy wilderness, like people, appreciate the stillness and awe-inspiring beauty of their environment. It is unforgiving, but at the same time, it brings out the best qualities in those who dare to enter its glacial realm. Snowy scenes form a magnificent backdrop for the lives of animals large and small, including bears, sharks, birds and foxes – to name but a few. The solitary polar bear surveys her icy domain with cool composure. A wolf howls to his distant comrades, signaling his hunger as the long winter night begins to fall. Diminutive penguins seek shelter from the wintry blast, huddled together for warmth. The exquisite quality of a canvas print brings you directly into the presence of these majestic creatures. They remind us of the bonds we share with all of the world’s species, as each creature adapts to its surroundings in unique, clever ways. Who could fail to be impressed by the eagle’s predatory gaze? How much love does the orca mother give to her little calf? Even a jellyfish floating in the eternal darkness of the deepest oceans has its own delicate kind of beauty. Wherever you look, there is an exuberance of color and form. An elk in profile against the northern sky is just one of the many images that will capture your imagination. A canvas animal print reminds us just how wonderful the gift of life is. Every creature has a place it regards as home. Displaying any one of these images on your wall will transport you to the frozen north for just a moment and bring you closer to the natural world. You can forget the stress and strain of your busy human life and share in the eternal beauty of these splendid creatures of the north.

From Africa with love

Many people are inspired by the intense heat and passion of Africa. The sun is strong, the colors are rich and deep. Sumptuous savanna landscapes are filled with big cats, antelopes and other animals. The combination of art and nature is hard to resist. A stylized zebra against a vibrant orange background brings contrast and color to any room. Would you prefer something quiet and reassuring? A gentle giraffe poses coyly for her portrait in the classic genre of black and white photography. Or a pensive owl turns his gleaming, golden eyes towards you, drawing you into his twilight world. Inspiration can be found in birds and butterflies, fish, apes and all kinds of domestic animals too. You cannot help but be intrigued by the questioning look of an adult gorilla, or an imagined, dreamy landscape of dinosaurs and primordial forest. A canvas print brings each of these characters to life, infusing any indoor space with vitality and depth. Some portraits represent our closest friends and companions, such as dogs and horses, while others focus on the awe-inspiring power of big cats and other predators. Friend or foe, animals always capture our attention. Some memorable animal images are monochromatic to emphasize the elegant forms and subtle camouflage patterns of the animal world. Others are brightly hued, celebrating the brilliant blue of the peacock or the striped exuberance of the clown fish in a tropical sea. These images are a source of inspiration when they are rendered in a high-quality canvas print designed to enhance your home or work environment. Celebrated photographers provide some of the most inspiring animal images, but there are also stunning paintings, drawings, sketches and collages by artists and graphic designers. Most animal images speak for themselves through the arresting nature of the portrait form. It feels as if you are entering the animal kingdom and are experiencing first-hand the way they see the world. The reflection of a swan on the water or the glint of the sun from the depths of the ocean, for example, will give you a new perspective on the world. There is no end to the rich diversity of animal life on our planet and the inspiration that we gain when we take in its beauty.
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