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Among the noblest creatures on Earth, horses are famed for their courage, intelligence and great endurance under all circumstances. Many human civilizations owe their rapid expansion Read moreto the horse, one of the first animals to be domesticated. Horse figures are found in the earliest cave paintings of prehistoric peoples. Our canvas prints celebrate the many varied contributions that horses continue to make to our lives. They are our friends, sporting companions and workmates, helping us to interact with the environment in a so many useful and enjoyable ways.

My kingdom for a horse!

Horses have been invaluable helpmates throughout history. Some breeds have worked to plow our fields and transport the materials with which our great cities and ships were built. In times of trouble, many a medieval lord owed his life to his horse. Before the arrival of the railroad, men raced across the prairies on horseback to bring news to distant locations in the shortest possible time. These patient animals provided safe carriage across difficult terrain and loyal companionship during long journeys. They carried the injured to safety and delivered help to those in need. Pilgrims, soldiers and merchants relied on horses to take them to the world’s cities so they could conduct their business. The art of the Middle Ages abounds with paintings of horses in times of war decked out in elaborate armor, as well in times of peace, carrying fair maidens through idyllic forest landscapes. It is a pity that so many people in our high-tech world have forgotten how essential horses once were to our very survival. And yet kings and princes led their armies on horseback and cowboys depend on their trusty mounts to tend to their cattle. Brave knights arrived on their white chargers to rescue damsels in distress, while villains on black steeds skulked in the shadows, plotting revenge. Our canvas prints bring these timeless narratives back to life, celebrating the power of good against evil and the adventurous spirit that comes from venturing out into the wilderness on horseback. Whether you prefer a realistic pose taken from nature or an imaginative painting with a dreamlike landscape inspired by literary classics, a horse-themed canvas print reminds us just how important these creatures have been in our history and imagination.

Horses at work and at play

Much as we appreciate horses’ capacity for work, we should not forget that these creatures have often been by our side in the pursuit of pleasure. Hunting, trekking, racing and competitive jumping are just a few of the recreational activities in which horses play a leading role. Horseback riding takes many forms these days and each new generation of horse lovers discovers its own preferred hobbies. A canvas print of a newborn foal frolicking in the lush green of a summer pasture, for example, reminds us of the energy and potential of youth. On the other hand, a stately cart horse towing a canal boat, a royal coach or a wedding carriage showcases the reliability and strength of these admirable beasts as they accompany us through holidays and ceremonies. Horses can be wild, but they are also capable of learning discipline and duty, which makes them ideal candidates for service in many human endeavors. Along with its fabled cousin the unicorn, the horse is a creature of mythical importance. Fairy tales and legends remind us how much we admire their loyalty and power. A painting of white horses galloping along the shore with their manes and tails flying in the wind is guaranteed to bring a breath of fresh air to your living room. Perhaps a canvas print of a sculpted horse's head with rippling muscles and dashing eyes would be an even more inspiring image to hang on your wall? There is always room for an impressively accurate painting that depicts a horse’s fluid movement. Horse-themed canvas prints will never fail to catch your imagination. As city slickers we may not be able to have our own horses, but a lifelike painting is the next best thing. At Photowall, our paintings and prints reflect the many shapes and sizes that we have come to love, from the tiny Shetland pony to the magnificent Arabian racehorse. Rich chestnut, black, white, piebald or burnished gold: the variety of colors we see in horses triggers memories of the movies and books we loved in childhood. Horses have always been a very important part of our work and play. Now, with a lasting piece of art, you can capture their amazing spirit and let it inspire you as you go about your daily life.
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