The secret life of birds is a source of endless fascination. Our canvas prints capture the essence of the avian world. Images of single birds capture the unique qualities of each specRead moreies, while group portraits and repeat patterns show us the social nature of birds and their chattering contributions to the natural world. Canvas prints are available in many different styles, including paintings, drawings, collages and complex of color and form patterns. In fact, the medium is ideally suited for bringing us closer to nature’s winged creation.

Free as a bird

We often associate birds with freedom from all constraints. Our canvas prints offer a range of bird-themed images with clarity and precision that are sure to grab your attention. The cruel glare of the eagle surveying her domain makes a strong statement about this majestic creature, while industrious parents feeding their hungry chicks display the devotion required to bring up a nest full of little ones. A single portrait can reveal the quiet wisdom of the owl, as he reflects on the meaning of life and the source of his next tasty snack. There is also the stately elegance of a floating swan, which reminds us to take life calmly and enjoy the peace and tranquility of our surroundings whenever we can. When we see paintings of a swan couple or love birds, we think of romantic attachment and a lasting life together. It is no coincidence that so many noble families included birds in their crests and coats of arms. The diversity of their characters and lifestyles makes us reflect on our own deeply held convictions and aspirations. Birds have a freedom that we can only dream of, as they soar above our lowly habitations and explore the endless skies. Their long migrations illustrate the mysterious connections that underpin our world and teach us that even the smallest creatures have the courage and skill to find their way across the widest oceans. Perhaps there is a lesson there too about our human instinct to wander and adapt, making our home wherever we find ourselves. Birds know no national boundaries. For them, fences are a handy resting place and a vantage point on the world. Skillful photographers and artists have captured the beauty of their flight. Some birds strike out for the horizon as solo adventurers, while others gather in swirling flocks or line themselves up into neatly arranged, precise formations. The clever antics of birds are a rich subject for art because they share with us an instinct to build a comfortable home and adapt to the environment around them. We see something of ourselves in them, as we marvel at their beauty and distinctive, acrobatic style.

Fantastic bird-themed portraits and patterns

There is something special about the impact birds have on both rural and urban settings. Who can resist a geometric image of small birds perched on telephone wires that cut through the landscape? They symbolize our desperate isolation and our fervent hope that we can communicate across long distances via modern technology to connect with other people. A canvas print of a bird on a wire brings us closer to our distant friends by reminding us just how precious these connections are. What about the psychedelic turbulence of a flock of parrots engaged in a feeding frenzy under a riotous jungle canopy? These birds celebrate their joyful lives in a place far from human settlements, reminding us that there is so much in the world that we have never seen and so much that is still waiting for us to discover. Many a painting also gives us a chance to see the world of birds from a new perspective. A canvas print of an original watercolor can show the subtle color nuances in the plumage of a bird of prey, for example. Another painting shows the stunning contrasts that certain exotic species wear in their distinctive coats of many colors. The brilliant blue of the peacock is just as striking as the bright pink of the flamingo or the green of the parakeet. Some paintings enhance the interplay of patterns and shades in highly imaginative ways. You can almost hear the clamor of calling birds when you look closely at the profusion of beauty in their form. Other artists juxtapose the shapes of birds with structures in the built environment, showing how well commonplace sparrows and pigeons have integrated the fabric of city life. There is no end to the ways in which birds inspire photographers and creative artists. Our canvas prints bring this inspiration right into your home so that you can appreciate all of these magnificent features first hand.
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