Solar System

Space. The final frontier. We’ve explored our oceans and forests and conquered every mountain range, so where can we turn for mystery? Outer space, of course! For hundreds of years, hRead moreumans have looked up at the sky and wondered what might be out there. Strange civilizations? Wondrous sights? Bring that sense of mystery home with wallpapers or wall murals from Photowall’s solar system-themed collection. Whether you are looking for the red wasteland of Mars or the icy, shadowy plains of Neptune, Photowall has a wall mural for you.

The green hills of Earth

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Earth is bigger and far more beautiful than we could ever have imagined. It’s humbling to look at a picture of the planet where we all live and apprehend how vast and strange the universe is. Bring the expansiveness of space into your home with wall murals of Planet Earth and see if you can find your hometown on it.

Expand your mind

How much bigger than Earth is Neptune How far is Earth from the sun? Find out with a wallpaper that charts the solar system – after all who says education cannot be beautiful?

To the moon and back

Go out on a dark night and you will see amazing sights if you look up. A hunk of rock bigger than you could possibly imagine is just hanging in the sky. Isn’t it lovely? For centuries, the moon has symbolized many different things to mankind: madness, beauty and, more recently, a challenge. Honor the moon in your home with a wall mural of our closest planetary companion.


Mars, the Red Planet. This planet named after the Greek god of war because of its color has always had a strange fascination. Robert Heinlein thought that Mars had an atmosphere of sorts. He was wrong, but when a man writes such delightful stories about a place, it seems rude to contradict him. He wasn’t the only one either. Ever since we first understood that Mars is a planet much like the one we live on, we have populated it in our imaginations with gods and monsters, Deja Thoris, John Carter and more. Bring the most popular fantasty destination in history home with Mars-themed wallpapers from Photowall.
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