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Let the room speak. Just as the floors require the pitter-patter of human feet, and the roof longs to keep you safe, the walls seek to invite you in. The walls form the backbone of yoRead moreur space, and what you put on them can often make or break a space. Art and design in the form of canvas prints and paintings can be pivotal in creating that space. Here are four ways that art and design can take a room to the next level.

Colour Me In

Have you ever fallen in love with a painting? Have you lost yourself in the colours, the tonality and depth and found yourself consumed with trying to undercover its underlying theme? Perhaps the autumnal reds, oranges and burnt siennas light fires yet unspoken in your heart. Or maybe the calming sea tones awash with greens and blue azures, breathe calmness into your spirit. Happily you bring your masterpiece home, only to be intimidated by the thought of hanging it up in your space and wondering if it will clash with the rest of your décor. A work of art can dictate or enrich an existing colour palette. Start at the very beginning and decide whether the artwork needs to be the focal point of the room, or whether it just needs to blend tastefully into the background. If your aim is to create a focal point, choose a neutral colour palette to allow the colours of your artwork to sing. On the other hand if your art needs to fit into a room which has an existing colour scheme, pull accent colours from the secondary colours in the artwork and use them in decorative objects to allow the painting to blend in.

Balance The Room's Scale And Texture

Invoke the sense of touch and feel at one with your living space. One of the elements of design in a room is texture. Many people assume that their velvet-to-the-touch walls add enough texture to the room. Texture, which can easily be added with a canvas print, contributes to a dynamic design. Old houses often have wonderfully high ceilings, the kind of ceilings where you feel as if your thoughts can wander aimlessly from rafter to rafter and come back to you refreshed and renewed. Often these ceilings don’t work well with modern low furniture. A carefully chosen canvas print can lead the eye upwards and balance out the scale of the room.

Introduce Movement

Waltz to the Mona Lisa or sway in time to Starry, Starry Night without a single note being played. Canvas prints can add movement to a living space. With the clever use of lines, some paintings can add joy and vivacity by directing the eye back and forth across the room. Paintings that embody movement can create a dance between the art and your furniture. Feel the rhythms pulsing through your walls and be enveloped in the notion that your space is a living, breathing entity. Choosing a painting that reflects movement adds a fun element to a room, and there is always room for the quirky in any design.

Inspiration Gallery

Everything is art. It is the way you brush your hair and the way you hold your teacup. It is the form, line and colour of a fried egg and the whimsical dance of a blade of grass one summer morning. Be inspired by your surroundings, let them be innovative and fresh, spurring you onto new heights and dreams. Change your paintings with every season, or even with your mood. Introduce a blue-toned painting in the heat of summer for a cooling effect. Likewise, by bringing a red-hot painting in the winter you can warm up an otherwise chilly room. The beauty of canvas prints is that if you tire of a piece of art you can switch it for a painting quickly and easily. Different canvas prints will bring out different elements in a room and can provide an instant makeover. It is best to keep your room neutral if you enjoy rotating your paintings, to make the most impact with the minimal amount of effort. Use art and design to bring your personality to a space. Whether you are using artwork to create a bold statement or adding a touch of sophistication, a painting allows you to add an element of yourself.
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