People wall murals can be a lot of fun in a den or a lounge area, or perhaps even the kitchen if you feel adventurous. Our high-quality, customisable wallpapers feature celebrities, pRead moreeople from famous paintings and even anonymous, every day kind of people. Notable figures include James Dean, Marie Antoinette, US President Obama, Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix and artistic portraits from prestige names such as Gustav Klimt, Peder Severin Kroyer, David C. Miller, and Javier Velasco. These delightful depictions can be a refreshing inclusion in your home or office decoration.

People wall murals

Our people wall murals collection offers realistic photographs, artistic portraits and more abstract renditions of people who are famous but also people in daily situations from all walks of life. Some of the celebrities depicted, but not yet mentioned, involves Madonna, Christopher Reeve, Neil Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey, Audrey Hepburn, and many more. These famous people are available in standard styles as well as creative interpretations to celebrate not only their lives, but also their art like films, music and athletic achievements. You can take a walk with the Beatles down Abbey Road, feel the heat of the big old west alongside Clint Eastwood or imagine yourself playing in the grand Camp Nou! The limits with these amazing people wall murals are only bound to your imagination.

Not quite ordinary

Everyday people are equally represented walking, running, playing, sitting on benches, strolling along the beach, and so much more. The possibilities with our people wall murals are great and diverse. While there is beauty in the ordinary, these portraits of so-called unknown people, can add mystery and intrigue to your personal area. The superb quality of our people wall murals will entice your guests to examine and ask who the person in the image is, as well as stimulate them to get one of their own. New Friend is a fine example of this sentiment, where a small girl is shown playing with a butterfly. Even though her eyes are closed, you can tell she exudes that kind of bliss often restricted to kids who discover something new and immediately enclose it in their heart.

Going places

Mix and match these fantastic people wall murals in accordance with your overall layout of the room. With these many a choices of places featured, you will find it easy to pick out the most appropriate one for your zone. How about a people wall mural including workmen on a skyscraper for a more robust and rustic feel? Or a graffiti wall for a more urban vibe? You can play around with our diverse array of people wall murals, going into all sorts of decorative directions. For the adrenaline fans, there is rock climbing in Piera Menta, snowboarding scenes so real you'd swear that if you stood too close, you might get snowed on, or the stunning item Lighthouse Surfer where you can see a rad dude riding the waves with a lighthouse in the background being splashed by mighty sea swells.

Incorporating people wall murals

People wall murals like these are especially swell when you can incorporate them into your room's decor, like for instance a cafe scene with people might work well in your kitchen or dining area, increasing the charm to the next level. We also have pictures that invite you to go swimming, wind-surfing or skateboarding in well-known locations around the globe. Naturally, there are famous places like the Manhattan Bridge, the great outdoors for sportsmen, and also inclusive scenes that are festivals, coronations, and parties. It could be said that our people wall murals in itself is a celebration of life, so bring this exuberance into your home or office!
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