Watercolour painting is one of the most accessible forms of art and more likely than not, everyone has tried this type of painting at some point in their life, whether it be in schoRead moreol or at home as a child. Now you can bring that child-like wonder and everlasting fascination into your home, office or other space, by getting yourself a top-grade watercolours wallpaper from Photowall. This exclusive and sublime assortment of watercolours wallpaper will not only give your designated area some much needed colour and character, but also incredible visual weight, interest and balance. As per usual, all these motifs in watercolours wallpaper can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, such as watercolour wallpapers that match your colour schemes and watercolour wallpapers that fit your interior design.

The history present in watercolours wallpaper

To get a sense of which watercolours wallpaper you would like to have, let us explore a little bit of history. Watercolour painting has roots in Paleolithic Europe but it gained its popularity in manuscript illuminations in the Middle Ages where artists illustrated small scenes and decorative designs in the margins of handwritten books. The Renaissance brought watercolour painting into the spotlight, such as the works of artists like Albrecht Dürer. It was also quite known back then to use watercolour to depict your travels, something embraced by the elite of Europe. Using a watercolours wallpaper such as Blue World in Watercolor thus makes perfect sense to put up in your home. This watercolours wallpaper can be a strong reminder to explore the world, and is very pleasant to look at with its hues and shades of classic blues. Make your own history by putting up a wonderful watercolours wallpaper in your space.

Current trends with watercolour wallpaper

In the modern times, artists have taken advantage of this unique medium to create striking works of art. The versatility of watercolour is also very much present in the watercolours wallpaper selection of Photowall, as there are numerous and unique designs that are guaranteed to delight the eyes. Watercolours wallpaper offers rich, vivid tones and soft, soothing forms. Take a look at something like Cosmic Abstraction, a wonderfully light but complex watercolours wallpaper that has hints of both the glorious past as well as the promising optimism of the future. This is also what sets watercolours wallpaper apart, it feels at home in every time period and thus makes for a timeless piece in your residential, commercial or recreational space. A gorgeous watercolours wallpaper can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

More watercolours wallpaper samples

A personal touch is very important when you are designing or revamping a space to fit your aesthetic. It needs objects, colours or interior design features that hold a special meaning for you. With watercolours wallpaper, these ideas can develop from a personal experience, your culture, dreams or fantasies, and from works of art you have seen or read. As watercolour paintings often come from the aforementioned, they come out as illustrations that feel rich, compelling and complete. It is the same with watercolours wallpaper, where you feel a connection almost instantly, like with the whimsically titled Midnight at the Lake II. This piece, just like most watercolours paintings, evokes an immediate sense of wonder and familiarity, which can transform not just your space, but also you.
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