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Constructed dwellings no doubt play a tremendous part in our daily lives, as we need shelter and housing, a place to work and many other functions to make this a livable and enjoyableRead more world. Our assemblage of building types wallpaper has condensed the many types of buildings into two convenient categories, namely Residential Buildings and Skyscrapers, which essentially comes down to them being the representatives of both the obviously, residential and then commercial. In both tiers you will find high-quality and beautifully showcased works of art, real fine pieces of building types wallpaper.

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At this point, you might be asking yourself what is the real difference between a residential and a commercial building? The most basic and simplest answer actually is that the difference between the two is defined by the end means. Residential construction is a living space and commercial construction is used for commerce purposes. Some might argue that the difference is in the building materials and methods employed, but that is not always the case and thus not the ultimate deciding factor. You will see in our lineup of building types wallpaper that there is a great contrast, but depending on the usage and placement, the only defining characteristic will be the effect it will have on the owner and eventual audience. So please take a gander at our building types wallpaper selection and choose the appropriate image for your design or redesign plans.

Residential building types wallpaper

A place for living is one of the most basic and universal needs and rights of any human being. As most abodes reflect the people that live in it, Photowall can make a wonderful and strong case for building types wallpaper that feature the aforementioned residential buildings. As these are marvelously illustrated artworks, this sort of building types wallpaper will not only make a lasting impression on your guests, but also bring a level of sophistication into your home, office or any other recreational space you might want to decorate or redecorate. Old Town Pink is one such beautifully chic but still classy designs that is practically screaming to be put up and displayed prominently. It can elevate any space into something more than it already is. Needless to say, all of these motifs can be adjusted according to your wishes, tastes and modifications.

More samples of building types wallpaper

In the skyscrapers tier of building types wallpaper, numerous famous cities are represented. To be more specific, these are New York in the United States of America, Sydney in Australia, Stockholm in Sweden, Madrid in Spain and Oslo in Norway. So you can see that our building types wallpaper category has a transcontinental diversity, ensuring you a wide array of options. These commercial dwellings will make your home or office look not only stylish, but also evoke a sense of worldly adventures. The New York horizon is one of the most prominent skylines in the world, and Avery Tillmon - New York Skyline shows us why this is so. Outstanding design and simple but powerful shades of black, white and grey make this a guaranteed decor hit.
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