Orange Canvas prints

Remember the orange tulips from a visit to the Netherlands, the fruity, fresh citrus scent of oranges with or without cloves?Orange is the colour that evokes a range of memories. DepeRead morending on personality and cultural background, it’s likely the colour orange means different things to you. Many people feel orange is the colour that most easily stirs human emotions. Some experience negative feelings, others positive, happy feelings, but this radiant, lustrous colour is most often associated with something positive, happy and adored. In many cultures, orange represents feelings of joy, lifting the inner emotions and mood of the viewer. It is a colour of yearning, attracting more attention from its surroundings than many of the world’s strongest and most assertive colours. Orange represents joy and, in many cultures, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness and creativity. In many Asian cultures, orange trees symbolize love.

A bold colourperfect as an orange canvas

Orange is a colour that seems to have a natural desire to stick out from the crowd and assert itself. This makes the colour remarkably well suited to be a warning colour for use on life vests and traffic triangles. This quality prevails out on highways and high seas, but also in the home. Orange can be found in an unlimited number of shades and tints. Depending on what it is used for in the space, it can have completely different personalities and expressions. A bright clear orange colour would take over an entire room if it covered all the walls, but the same colour used in a few strategically placed spots can lift a dull room and bring it to an entirely new level. In a retrostyled space with slightly more muted and anonymous colours, the Retro Orange canvas motif can create an entirely new dimension. The stylized and almost abstract Lost Passage canvas print adds a splash to the trendy, minimalistic space.

Orange in nature

Consider the colour red. It’s possible to quickly list objects and phenomena on our Earth that get life from that beloved colour. But if you try to do the same for the colour orange, you are suddenly faced with a challenge of a different calibre. A few vegetables, fruits and flowers – carrots, oranges and tulips – but then we’re almost at the end of the list, with emphasis on the word almost. There is one thing in the world that is more beautiful than almost anything else. Something that spreads warmth, hope and joy. An event that is both romantic and friendly, depending on who the beholders are. We are of course referring to the ever-fascinating sunrise. Life-giving orange light that spreads slowly from a sun just above the horizon, above the sea, seeking its way into a clearing or climbing over treetops. That beautiful and glorious light – at Photowall we think this is one of the warmest things there is. The possibility of having this phenomenon constantly captured in a canvas print on the wall is almost too good to be true. Northern Sweden Midnight Sun – a motif of a rising sun mirrored in a peaceful summer lake in northern Sweden. This canvas print motif features one of the most beautiful things we have in Sweden. Palm Beach Sundown features the tropical version of this phenomenon. Orange is hot. Orange grows. That means a lot to many people. If you are one of these people, take your time and look through our orange canvas motifs. Chances are you will find something just for you.
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