Purple canvas prints

Purple is a magical colour with the stimulating power of red and the calming essence of blue. The colour has made its way into many trend-conscious and stylish households in Sweden anRead mored around the world, and this is probably only the beginning. If purple is one of your favourite colours, you’ll have a lot to look forward to in the near future.

Mystical and creative

The colour purple can be evasive. The combination of two common colours – blue and red – makes it recognizable and familiar while feeling stunningly fresh and new. It means that purple is often perceived as mystical, exciting and, in some cases, even magical and royal. Purple’s unique combination of blue and red endows it with qualities that influence our mood in a number of different ways. Besides heightening our mood, it also calms and soothes our nerves. The colour purple is said to be loved by people with a great capacity for creativity and thought since it soothes the soul while spurring creativity and innovation. Leonardo da Vinci, for example, believed meditative powers increased tenfold in a room with windows painted purple.

A spot of purple on a canvas brightens an entire room

It’s possible to feel bored and uninspired even in the most beautiful and fantastic of homes. Once accustomed to the surroundings, they might no longer be stimulating. Following an extensive home makeover, you may not feel very inspired by the prospect of needing to make further changes. Don’t worry: There’s no need. A splash of strong, spectacular colour makes an enormous difference! An excellent way to achieve this is to use canvas prints in a range of patterns and gorgeous colours. Purple is one of those colours that really makes a space pop, making It an excellent colour for this. Here at Photowall we have a range of motifs in canvas prints that suit most personalities and interests. Isn’t that fantastic? If you prefer flowers, our Purple Pansies canvas motif with its green stems and purple petals against a white-grey background really makes a big difference in a small space that needs something special. The abstract Glass Bounce – Pink canvas motif can liven up any room, regardless whether it is large or small, with its chaotic yet beautiful, glowing colours. Purple is truly that magical colour with the power to do wonders in all types of homes. You are sure to find a motif here among our purple canvas print patterns that will help you find your inner peace.
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