When it comes to places of worship, rarely does any other type of structure beat the cathedrals in terms of architecture and drama. Hence, Photowall has created a beautiful assortmentRead more of cathedrals posters to underline that opinion. First off, however, we need to establish the difference between a cathedral and a "mere" church. We all know that a church is a building in which Christians gather to perform the rituals of their religion and interact with one another. A cathedral, on the other hand, is a church which is also the seat of a bishop. You therefore ordinarily see just one cathedral per denomination per city, as you will notice in our array of cathedrals posters. Since bishops are responsible for an area, which in Catholicism is called a diocese, a cathedral can also be thought of as the church associated with the administration of an area. These magnificent structures can now be the backbone of your interior decoration with cathedrals posters.

The beauty in cathedrals posters

Cathedrals dominate the skylines of many European towns and cities. Remnants of the medieval world in most cases, they are one of the most impressive reminders of "the Dark Ages". As you peruse cathedrals posters, keep in mind that most of them constructed when most people would have lived in wooden hovels! Despite that, modern attitudes towards the buildings have invariably changed from those of our forebears. What was once considered showcases of God’s kingdom on earth, they are now regarded sadly as tourist attractions in some parts, but cathedrals posters can change all that. It is important to remind ourselves about the fundamental importance of preserving such amazing constructions. This is why cathedrals posters are not just magnificent to look at but also an important reminder to value our past and preserve the culture of old buildings among the growth spurt of such things as skyscrapers. Whether it is in your home or office, the sight of cathedrals posters can generate a different feel and atmosphere.

A bit of history

The building of cathedrals was a European-wide phenomenon since the early Middle Ages, with the word itself coming from the Latin cathedra, which means "seat". As mentioned earlier, the head of the diocese, the bishop, has his chair in the building’s premises. As a result, the temple acts as the central church for the region concerned, which is the case for the majority of cathedrals posters as well. Cathedrals are not stones haphazardly placed on top of each other, but testaments in stone and witnesses to a European identity, which is quite evident in most of the cathedrals posters. They are characteristically European constructions, grown out of the ashes of the Roman Empire as a symbol of renewal and endurance. Cathedrals posters like "Plaza de Regla and Leon Cathedral" showcase the exterior beauty while motifs such as "St Peters Basilica - Rome" display the interior allure.

Cathedrals posters samples

To give you a taste of what sights await you, let us introduce to you some prominent exhibits of cathedrals posters. St. Basil's is Russia's most iconic landmark, located in the heart of the Red Square. The cathedral was built during the reign of Ivan IV, also known as "Ivan the Terrible". According to legend, he is said to have blinded the architects after its construction so that they would never build something so beautiful again! While this might seem to be overdramatic, just take a look at cathedrals posters like "Twilight time of Saint Basils Cathedral" and maybe you will comprehend. Another famous examples is St. Paul's which located in London's city center. The site used to house a Roman temple to Diana and was dedicated to Paul in 604 A.D. Stunning cathedrals posters like "St Pauls Cathedral" display how this type of structure can still dominate a scene despite all the modernity around it.
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