Some of the most impressive and beautiful buildings in the world can now be the central theme in your interior decoration. We at Photowall have assembled the best and most appealing lRead moreineup of churches posters you can find. Aside from their beauty and history, these motifs can bring a different feel into your home, recreational space or even the good old office. Just like the structures themselves, churches posters can create a sense of community. Whether you are a believer or not, the visual energy and allure of our images will help bring people together. Churches posters can perhaps even stir up long lost feelings and bring you back into the fold, because spirituality really is a useful tool in trying times. Whatever religion you follow, the basic principle is still one of love and togetherness. With our churches posters, these traits can be transmitted to your family, friends and colleagues.

The significance in churches posters

After two thousand years, Christianity is the faith, at least nominally, of one-third of the earth’s population. This is already a huge factor to having churches posters as there is a 1 in 3 chance that you are part of the faith. From a handful of fishermen, tax collectors and youthful troublemakers in an obscure province of Judea, this belief system has spread over the globe. Thus, churches posters can boast of locations all over the world as well. After World War II, vigorous new Christian leadership emerged in the Third World, offering fresh hope for a new day for the old faith. Efforts have also been made in the Western world to restore the glory of their temples of worship despite the massive growth in modernity around them. In churches posters, you will see this revival and history mixed together in a truly spectacular category. Your wall will benefit from all the positives these images can bring.

A smaller subcategory

To make your selection process of churches posters more cohesive and fun, Photowall has created a tier entirely dedicated to naves. A nave is essentially the long narrow part of a Roman basilica or a Christian church, the part where people sit in a modern church. The word "nave" itself comes from the Latin word for "ship", navis, because people in the Middle Ages thought a nave looked like the bottom part of a ship turned upside-down. You will see why when you peruse our churches posters array. Usually when people say the nave they mean the widest, center part of the church, between the main columns. The long corridors on the other side of those columns are called the aisles. As you will notice in churches posters, some big churches have five naves. This would be a big center nave, and two aisles on either side, separated by four rows of columns. "Sacred Catherdral" is a churches poster that really illustrates this beautifully.

Prominent churches posters

One of the most well-known churches in the world is the Westminster Abbey in London. If you want to see a church fit for a king or queen, this definitely fits the bill, like in the churches poster entitled "Westminister Abbey". This outstanding abbey church is where British Monarchs have been coronated for centuries and for a time was also where they were buried. Another famous example is the gorgeous Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which you will find at the very heart of the Austrian capital, Vienna. The church’s tower is a beacon for those trying to find their way in the city. The roof of the cathedral is covered in marvelous patterns made by multi-coloured tiles, while the front of the building showcases its Romanesque origins, as displayed in the churches poster "Vienna Square with Rainbow".
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