Pop Art

Something visually captivating and stemming from your personality and individual taste is the way to go when you are decorating a space you are often in. Photowall has an excellent Read morecategory that pertains to this, a lineup of pop art wall murals of the highest quality, the most unique designs, incredibly rich detail and stunning colour combinations. Take a look at our selection of excellent pop art wall murals and pick your favorites to decorate your home, office or any other space you might be looking to spruce up. As per usual, you can alter these motifs to match or contrast with your existing interior design, overall aesthetic, colour schemes and any other decorative elements.

A quick background check on pop art wall murals

Pop art is an art form that dates back all the way to the '50s. The word pop itself is obviously short for popular, which literally translated means the technical term for the people, and as such, it is the art for the masses. This form of modern art originated and has evolved particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, which you will see later on in Photowall's assortment of pop art wall murals. Inspired by the perceived visual mediocrity of advertising campaigns, billboards and television, artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Richard Hamilton turned to the so-called anti-art campaign wherein they released the banal or dull images of famous actors and transformed them into an exciting new art form. This reinvention and excitement is carried over to our array of pop art wall murals, which can transform your ordinary interiors into something new and refreshing in an instant. Take for instance the motif called Suprematist Portrait of Lena Naymkina. This pop art wall mural immediately draws the eye, generates optic dynamism and is guaranteed to stir up conversation and debate.

Delving deeper

Since pop art is a form of painting and drawing that allows a great amount of natural expression, many samples in this category highlight both ordinary objects or people, but also figures or structures that are known and famous. A lot of pop artists were also illustrators, graphic designers and even billboard painters. Their work would contain objects inside the paintings, such as soup cans, work tools or natural objects like seashells. As such, pop art wall murals feature a range of ideas and characters. The piece entitled Beatles - Revolver is a concrete example of a pop art wall mural that gets better with every viewing. No matter if the space you are revamping is residential, corporate or recreational, this will captivate anyone who sets eyes upon it.

The impact of pop art wall murals on your interior

As it is contemporary art, pop art fits in well with a number of decor schemes in a home or workplace. It is a mostly inoffensive subject which can be tastefully displayed and colour-coordinated with the walls and surrounding interior elements such as furniture and so on. To visually establish a pop art wall mural, there is a particular notion to consider. The central idea of pop art wall murals is not just to beautify your interiors alone, but also provide a commentary about culture and society through popular logos, images and icons which are then recreated as though they are a recent and new idea inside the picture. As you will see in our pop art wall murals samples, what many find specifically likeable about this art form is that while it tries not to take itself too seriously, it sometimes conveys a deeper, more meaningful message. To select a piece of pop art wall murals is to become part of the culture behind it, which means that what you choose may be a reflection of your own perception and belief.
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