Classic forms, modern colors and hand-painted patterns. With our wallpaper, you can transform every room in your home no matter what your style. We have selected motifs from top interRead morenational designers and illustrators to adorn the walls of your home. All our wallpaper is printed on top-quality material precisely to your measurements and delivered to you in an environmentally friendly cardboard box. Wallpaper Paste Included.

Wallpaper by Our Designers

Innovative designers from all over the world design our wallpaper in exquisite colors and patterns for living rooms, halls, kitchens, bedrooms and offices. Let the walls of your bedroom bloom with the Geranium wallpaper motif from Byracka. Combine pink, lime green and turquoise in your kitchen with wallpaper from Ingela P. Arrhenius or style your living room in green leaves and plants with wallpaper from Lemon Design Studio. Our magazine will inspire you with beautiful living rooms, inviting kitchens and other inspiring interiors.

Get Inspired by Our Wallpaper

Striped, large-patterned, solid-colored, splattered, rustic or multicolor wallpaper. With the range of colors and patterns we offer – and a little imagination – you can easily create an environment that feels modern, unique, Scandinavian or even groovy 1970s revival. Get inspired by our wide range of styles, colors and wallpaper motifs that are perfect for both homes and other interiors. Our unique wallpaper comes from top designers including the colorful wallpaper of ​​Iwa Herdensjö and graphic motifs from ​By May. We also feature delightful children’s wallpapers from ​Acne JR and nature motifs from​​ Scandinavian Surface.

Wallpaper for All Your Rooms

When styling public spaces, it can be difficult to please everyone. Some might want the space to gush with color, while others may prefer it light and harmonious. Many people like cool shades, and others work best in warm colors and a cozy atmosphere. ​Wallpaper​ simplifies things. With our selection, you’ll be sure to find a personal, unique and stylish solution that satisfies all tastes. We offer motifs of colorfully mixed patterns, clean Scandinavian lines and unique, muted colors. You’ll find ​wallpaper​ for offices, reception areas, display windows, hotels and much more.

Wallpaper Flexibility

Our wallpaper is designed to meet your needs. We know that no two homes or rooms are alike. That’s why with us you can order your wallpaper in whatever size you want. Just measure the wall and enter the measurements when you order. Your custom wallpaper is then made right away with our digital printing process. We know there are just as many styles as there are people, so we handpick all our motifs with great care to suit all possible styles, interests and settings. We are constantly on the lookout for new trends and old classics.

DIY with Wallpaper

You don’t have to have a wall to wallpaper. Wallpaper can be used for so much more—wallpaper streamers and pennants, placemats, holiday decorations, gift wrap and children's crafts. Our top advice is to use leftover wallpaper as decor to personalize the children's room. For more DIY ideas, take a look in our ​​magazine.

Choose a Motif Using Our Wallpaper Selector

Wallpaper is a product that should last a long time. It should liven up a room, create the right mood and be enjoyed by all. As with many big decisions, it can be difficult to decide which style suits you best, what size you need and what matches the rest of your decor. We have sorted our wallpaper by color, room and category to help you find the right motif. If you’re still unsure about which wallpaper you like best, visit our ​​room guide and take a look at our wallpaper selector. You’ll get ideas and inspiration to begin styling your rooms beautifully.

Highest Quality

We love making the highest quality designer wallpaper for all kinds of rooms. That’s why we are thrilled to tell you about our quality efforts. We have tested different types of wallpaper material since 2006. We have carefully tested their quality, over and over again. When you order wallpaper from us, you’ll receive wallpaper that we are totally convinced is the absolute best. But we never settle, so we do print runs of all our motifs, study the patterns and their details and test new products—constantly. We want to know what you think so we can be even better. The easiest way to tell us is to respond to a survey we send out a few weeks after you receive your wallpaper. In the survey you can answer questions about your experience with us and your product. You can also contact ​Customer Service and tell us about your shopping experience.

Our Wallpaper Materials

Our wallpaper is available in two materials: standard and premium. Both are printed on sturdy and durable nonwoven material. The only difference is that the premium material has an extra protective layer that makes it scratch-resistant and is wipeable with a cleaning solution. This makes it last longer in public spaces and other areas where wallpaper is often exposed to all kinds of dirt.
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