Astrology is a pseudoscience that asserts that it can predict information about human affairs and terrestrial occurrences by studying the movements and positions of celestial elementsRead more. The practice of astrology harkens back to 2000 years before the birth of Christ, and perhaps even longer. It derives its origins from calendrical systems utilized to foresee seasonal changes and to read celestial cycles as portents of divine communication. Numerous cultures like the Mayas, the Hindus, and the Chinese, have assigned meaning to astronomical events and created sophisticated systems for predicting earthly events with the use of celestial divination. Photowall pays tribute to this strange and fascinating practice with its own collection of astrology wall murals. These astrology wall murals depict the myriad celestial signs and arrangements most commonly used in the practice of astrology. Hang a few of these astrology wall murals in your living room to instantly infuse the area with enchantment and light. Your family members and colleagues will surely appreciate the otherworldly allure that these astrology wall murals bring to the space. Your home will have the feel of a mystical realm with these astrology wall murals hanging on your walls. Place a few of these astrology wall murals in the sleeping nooks and play areas of your kids and watch their eyes go wide with wonder and awe at these remarkable images. These astrology wall murals are a surefire hit in your home.

Cryptic in astrology wall murals

One of the oldest astrological systems still in common usage is the Western Astrological System, which can trace back its roots to the 19th and 17th centuries B.C. Mesopotamia, from whence it proliferated to ancient Greece, Rome, Arabia, and to Central and Western Europe. Modern Western astrology is linked with the claim of understanding the reasons for a human being’s personality and prophesies significant events in their lives by observing the positions of celestial objects. Photowall gives you a glimpse of mysticism and wonder with “Zodiac Sign-Scorpio”, “Night Sky Cancer”, and “Horoscope Leo” in its remarkable collection of astrology wall murals. These examples of astrology wall murals showcase the different constellations of the stars used by astrologers to predict coming events. Hang a few of these astrology wall murals in your recreation den and feel the worries and cares of the day simply fall away. The soothing and calming escapist quality of these astrology wall murals will transport you to a place where mysticism is a way of life. Another fine place to hang these astrology wall murals is in your lounging area. Sit in your favorite lounge chair with a glass of simple orange juice and feel the atmosphere come alive with these astrology wall murals all around you.

Orphic in astrology wall murals

For as long as it has been practiced, astrology was accepted as a scholarly tradition and was embraced in academic circles, often uttered in the same breath as astronomy, alchemy, meteorology, and medicine. It was a major factor in politics and was often the theme of the literature of the age. Photowall gives you the benefit of the doubt with “Night Sky Scorpio”, “Night Sky Zodiac”, and “Night Sky Aires” in its magnificent collection of astrology wall murals. These examples of astrology wall murals feature the more popular signs of the zodiac. Hang a few of these astrology wall murals on the walls of your private study or mini-library and feel as though you are a world-renowned astrologer studying these wonderful constellations. You may even go so far as to hang several of these astrology wall murals atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, to make you feel like you are slumbering in a parallel universe. Your sleep will never be more full of exciting dreams with these astrology wall murals above you.

Enigmatic and obscure

By the end of the 19th century, the scientific method and the search for empirical evidence had eclipsed the practice of astrology in human affairs. Researchers and scholars have questioned the validity of the claims of astrology on both theoretical and experimental grounds, and have proven that it has no scientific value and cannot sufficiently explain the rationales of its philosophies. This made astrology lose its lofty standing in academic circles and has remained more of a pastime in our society. In the 1960s, there was a short resurgence in the popularity of this practice brought about by the hippie movement. Photowall lets you see the stars in retrograde with “Night Sky Aquarius”, “Night Sky Capricorn”, and “Night Sky Gemini” in its fascinating collection of astrology wall murals. These astrology wall murals show us more of the constellations that are utilized by astrologers to tell the future. Hang a few of these astrology wall murals in your hallways and turn these humdrum areas into a veritable gallery of magical lore. It will make the act of traversing from room to room an exercise in enchantment. These astrology wall murals will appeal to your friends who are of the more emotional and sentimental persuasion.
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