Seat yourself in the plains of the African savannahs surrounded by wild buffalo, or perhaps enjoy an English cup of tea on a well-manicured lawn surrounded by daisies and ladybugs. A Read morewall mural of grass invites just enough nature into your living space without overwhelming it. Whether just adding interest or being the main focal point of a room, grass wallpaper creates a soothing background for free spirits and a haven for restless minds. Relax in a field of grass while admiring a jewel of water on a single blade, eternity in a moment.

Bring a touch of nature to your home

Bringing a touch of nature to your home is one of the wonderful ways to make it welcoming, relaxing, and lovely. There are actually easy ways to add nature to your home and in simple yet elegant ways. The use of wall murals have proven to be the most effective way in making the interior look wonderful and at the same time can create the atmosphere that you have been looking for. Whether you want to have a relaxing and calming interior or a warm and cheerful space, Photowall always has something to complete the appearance of your room. One of the amazing wall mural design of Photowall are the Grass wall murals. Not only that these wall murals look appealing, but they can also do something wonderful and extraordinary to your space. The colors are simply amazing that can create various effects to the interior. From calm and muted colors to warm and cheerful ones, Grass wall murals can definitely be the right choice for your home. Pick the right wall mural design and you will surely have a beautiful room focal point that your family and friends will love.

Benefits of having nature in your space

A lot of people still believe in the power of nature as there are nothing on earth that can surpass Mother Earth. As such, we tend to surround ourselves with the different elements of nature in order for us to enjoy their benefits. One example for instance, is a Japanese garden. If you are going to look at it, you will notice that the garden is basically filled and properly and neatly arranged plants and other earthy materials. People love to stay in these gardens for hours as they find it calming and relaxing for both the body and soul. It has been observed that a person can do more and focus more if the mind and body are relaxed. In the workplace, studies have shown that workers who are surrounded with nature’s elements tend to be more productive and more focused with their work. In effect, the company’s revenue becomes more acceptable and the employees’ turn over rate becomes less. In addition to being beautiful room decors, Grass wall murals can make an amazing focal point that your family and friends will surely adore.

What’s so special about Grass

Grass is a large family of monocot flowering plants. The family includes cereal grasses, bamboos, and those that are found on natural grassland, lawns and pasture. It is a plant that can have various good effects, whether to the body or to the aesthetics of a space. Grass has been considered to be a symbol of harmony and development. It works best in any space, whether the office or home. As part of the earthy colors, green can relax the eyes, and refreshes the mind and body. Grass can likewise have a positive effect on the productivity of employees as it can also stimulate the brain. As such, grass on the wall is actually a great decoration. It can be a background for furniture pieces and other decorative elements. So, never forget to add a touch of green in your space whenever you decide to decorating it. Happy decorating!
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