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Ball Through Wall - Wallpaper - Kids Room




Sports wall murals can be really fun in a den or lounge area for people who enjoy an active life. Our high-quality, customizable wallpapers feature Olympic athletes, sports teams and Read moremore. Our featured sports include soccer, skateboarding, hockey, snowboarding, skiing and BMX. Whether you are a passive fan or an active athlete, this kind of wall personalization is sure to please your eye and lift your spirits every time you see it. Whether you use it as motivation to get out and play or as a nostalgic homage to favorite moments from games you’ve watched or played, our wallpapers can be sized to fit any wall.


Our BMX collection of wallpapers showcases a figure on a BMX bike in natural settings and at the skate park doing a range of bold jumps. You can pick sunset, sunrise or bright blue daylight scenes depending on the room in which you plan to hang the wall mural. Fans of BMX bicking will be able to recognize the specific moves shown in the wall mural and can take their pick of awesome scenarios to ponder or re-enact. There are also mountain biking scenes that combine nature with athletic bravado. Skateboarding silhouettes against city skylines and ramps show how the sport is meant to be done and are a versatile option because they are offered in various colors and degrees of detail. Backgrounds with and without explicit images of the sport depicted can plunge you into the heart of the game from the player’s point of view! Relax in a comfortable chair and plot your next move or create your fantasy football or hockey team in the comfort of your own home with a sports-themed wall mural.


Our snowboarding and skiing selections offer breathtaking views of mountains and clear blue skies with athletes deftly cutting through the snow in ways that almost defy the laws of physics! Soccer wall murals come in bright hues with abstract designs and patterns that are the perfect way to jazz up any fan's wall. Nothing says home more than a wallpaper that has meaning for you. You will also find hockey, baseball, basketball and more depicted in colorful versions of the fields they are played on with images that range from abstract to literal.
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