Whatever you use your workspace for—working from home, relaxing in an inspiring corner or doing crafts and homework—it should have enough space for storage, office technology and equiRead morepment, and creative pursuits. Here’s our top advice on wallpaper, storage solutions and other ideas to find the perfect design for your home office. If you share an office with others, you may not have much influence on the decor, but if you work from home, it’s important to design a creative workspace where you are happy. Start by thinking about what you need in terms of specific functionalities and storage requirements as well as the kind of office wallpaper you like and the style you prefer. Now it’s time to find some inspiration. Visit stores to test comfy and stylish office chairs, look into the best storage solutions, check out smart office technology and find beautiful wallpaper. Also, follow Pinterest boards with loads of beautiful office images to inspire you. Try to create a balance between structure and creativity. Don’t forget to save inspiring clips and pictures on mood boards and add storage for paper and crafts.

Furniture and Wallpaper for the Office—Some Ideas

The desk and desk chair are the most important pieces of office furniture, but finding a desk and chair that are both stylish and functional can be your greatest challenge. Look for a desk you can raise and lower if you tend to work for many hours in a row. The office chair should be adjustable to different positions and easy to roll, even on carpeting. If possible, place the desk near a window for your daily dose of daylight and for something else to rest your eyes upon every once in a while. We’ve said it before, but we'll say it again—storage is everything in a home office. Furnish with a storage cabinet, a writing desk or put up some shelves above the desk. Don't forget to liven up all the functional storage with some stylish office wallpaper, but avoid large-patterned wallpaper and dark wallpaper motifs if you have limited space.

Work Lighting

After you've got the chair, desk and wallpaper figured out, be sure to pay some extra attention to the lighting. Invest in a desk lamp with a dimmer. Throw in some general lighting with a dimmer, too. If you have dark office wallpaper, put up some directional spotlights. If the workspace has no window, our top tip is to bring nature inside with wallpaper. Try a peaceful forest scene, an open field that gives the impression of space or romantic flowers.

Smart Solutions

A magazine rack for wallpaper rolls, a wire or panel for inspirational images, a roll of butcher paper for your notes and sketches, shoeboxes covered in wallpaper for storage, an MDF board for notes and pictures or hooks for craft materials – the workspace is an area of endless opportunity for creativity. Any DIY solutions to simplify storage will leave more breathing room for your work and make being in the room feel more pleasant.

Interior Decor and Wallpaper Ideas

Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean it has to be boring and impersonal. Let the color, wallpaper motifs and decor match the style of the rest of your home. Bring in personal details such as photos and create a nice mix of old and new, materials and shapes. Textiles in the form of a throw or curtains can work wonders, and don’t forget plants. Flowers and greenery provide inspiration, and also help clean the air, so put a lovely plant right on your desk. And remember to keep the desk as free of wires and cords as possible. Be creative when choosing wallpaper for your home office. You can put wallpaper in a pattern you like on the lower half of the wall and paint the upper half. This prevents the room from feeling cluttered when you start putting up mood boards and inspiring images. Cover your storage boxes in the same motif as on the wall, or else frame leftover wallpaper as a poster for a playful touch. Whatever style you want or wallpaper motif you choose, here are some things to consider before wallpapering.
  • The perfect wallpaper motif to make the room feel larger would be in pastel pink, pale grey or white. Decorative details work well in darker shades.
  • Blue wallpaper gives a sense of peace and quiet, and it helps lower stress levels as well.
  • A yellow motif may not come first to mind for an office, yet yellow wallpaper provides energy and improves your ability to think.
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