About Our Posters

Our posters are unique and can be ordered in different sizes and designs according to your wishes. You can order your poster as it is or together with either a smart poster hanger or a stylish picture frame. After placing your order, the poster will be printed immediately, packaged well and shipped within 1–4 business days.

Small, medium, or large?

You can choose the shape and size of your poster based on what fits best on your wall. All our posters are available in different sizes up to 100 cm in width and height, and both poster hangers and frames are sized according to the poster's format.

Highest quality

We use a matte, durable, high-quality paper for all our posters. The pape offers outstanding tonality and sharpness of detail and works perfectly for photographs and illustrations. Our printing technology is of museum quality and provides bright colors, deep blacks and is age-resistant.


  • Premium paper (200 g/m²)

  • UV-resistant prints

  • Age-resistant paper

Poster Hanger

Choose a poster hanger – a stylish and modern way to display posters. Our poster hangers are 21 mm high and are easily attached with a magnet at the top and bottom. This ensures that the hanger is firmly attached without damaging the poster. The size of the poster hanger is adapted to the size you choose for your poster (always 10 mm wider). Our poster hangers are available in four versions: black, white, dark wood or natural wood. The poster hanger comes with your poster, including a cotton hanging cord in the same colour as the hanger.

Frame and glass

Our modern and timeless frames are available in three different designs – black wood, white wood or oak frame. The glass used is plexiglass, which provides a less reflective surface, improved UV protection and is more durable than ordinary glass. The poster and frame are delivered together and when you insert the poster into the frame you can hang it in both portrait and landscape mode.

We ship your package in 1–4 days:

Your posters and any accessories will be carefully packed and delivered protected in a durable corrugated cardboard box. The package will be shipped within 1–4 days, always with free shipping.

We care about the environment

We only make products to order. This means no products are stored in a warehouse or thrown out unnecessarily. Our printing ink contains no hazardous chemicals and is biodegradable. To learn more about how we work to minimise our environmental impact, please see our
environmental policy.

Environmentally friendly materials

Our paper products and canvas are made from paper and wood from environmentally friendly and sustainable forestry.

Climate-smart packaging

Your prints are sent in a cardboard box that is made wholly or partially of recycled material.

Would you like to create your own wallpaper or print? Send us an image or illustration and we'll help you free of charge with no obligation to order.

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