Having a central subject in your interior decoration can be the missing link for the perfect aesthetic. None comes more in the middle than portraits. These are works of art that recRead moreord the likenesses of humans that are still alive or have been alive. Photowall has an excellent and tremendously varied section of portraits posters that are guaranteed to light up any room with character and charm. The main purpose of a portrait is to memorialize an image of someone for the future, which can be done in various forms such paintings, photographs, sculptures, and so on. With portraits poster, you have at your disposal unique designs, rich details, amazing colour combinations, but most importantly, subjects that truly compel. Think of these motifs as an extension of yourself, as it will reflect who or what you admire, becoming that crucial personal nature that is often pivotal to a beautiful interior design.

Types of portraits posters

Not only does Photowall's portraits posters assortment have subjects coming from virtually every possible facet of humanity, but different types of interpretations as well. Portrait paintings, for example, go beyond simple documentation, it is the artist's understanding and subsequently representation of the subject, which can be anywhere from realistic to abstract. Head of a Woman, Gustav Klimt is a wonderful of this kind of portraits poster, a stunning work of art that will give the room a different vibe and ambiance altogether. Thanks to photography, one can now easily capture what people look like throughout their life. You will see plenty of splendid examples of photographic portraits in this selection. A posthumous portrait is one that is rendered after the death of the subject, which can be achieved by either copying another portrait, or following instructions of the person who commissioned the work. Take note also that single images of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, or any other religious figures are not considered portraits, but rather they are referred to as devotional images. Nonetheless, portraits posters has stunning images such as Crucified Christ - Diego Velázquez to cater to those who wish themselves a more spiritual motif.

Art is life

This form of art has been present ever since the dawn of humanity, even though the beginnings were in the crudest form. Ever since humans had the concept of self-image, portraits have been a staple of society. This is reflected in every art form, but especially in paintings. As already mentioned, it is the artist's understanding and subsequently representation of the subject that makes for a compelling image. Take a look at the portraits poster titled Self portrait, Vincent van Gogh. This brilliant and legendary artist drew himself in such an iconic fashion that is has become synonymous with perfection. Not only is the design and layout absolutely singular, but the vibrancy of the colours and the details are so rich that this kind of portraits poster can instantly transform your space into something truly spectacular.

The classics in portraits posters

It does not matter if your idol is Audrey Hepburn, Bob Marley, or even Oprah Winfrey, Photowall’s portraits posters selection has all of the classics, plus so much more. With vintage portraits as well as film scenes of old, original posters art and abstract paintings of the world’s most famous men and women, all in a range of either full colour or black and white, our artistic haven provides all your decorative needs. Give your space a time-honored vibe with these incredible portraits posters. Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina is one of the most apt examples of this, a wonderfully beautiful portrait of the eternal symbol of class, Audrey Hepburn. Gorgeously rendered in classic black and white, this item is great for nostalgia but also emits a level of sophistication and elegance to your area that cannot be matched.
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