This year's wallpaper trends 2022 - pleasant tones and colourful elements

Restful and close to nature are key words that we want to bring into our homes this year. Sound familiar? Quite right! You could say that interior decoration is like a wheel - and we don't reinvent those every year, do we? Instead, you could see interior design trends as further developing on last year, and you bring your favourites along with you, shake them up a bit and add a couple of new details.

Blue Forest - Photowall

Trends come and go, they re-emerge and they affect us all differently from one person to the next, and some go out just as quickly as they blew up. It's really nothing new, that's how trends work. We rarely reinvent the wheel but, having said that, we will still continue to develop it to suit the present time.


We know that fashion and clothing have long been a status symbol, a way to express your identity and an effective way of feeling connected to others. Fashion trends move fast, much faster than interior design trends. This means we rarely see noticeable changes from year to year, but trends creep almost seamlessly into our homes and hearts. And they can stay there - for a long time!

Watercolor Landscape IV Pink and Blue -  Nouveau Prints

A comfortable palette

The current pandemic has meant that we've been spending much more time at home for some time now. Perhaps it has contributed to home interiors now taking up much more space and becoming an even clearer yardstick and status symbol as well as a part of how we express who we are and what our values are. 


Perhaps the pandemic has also affected our ever-growing need to find harmony with nature. Natural colours, shapes and elements are increasingly taking space in our homes. We're looking for peace and harmony and are unknowingly drawn to colours that make us feel good, colours and combinations of materials that we think are beautiful and soothing - which often coincide with tones found in the natural palette. With all this in mind, it's really not difficult to understand why the different shades called the 'Colour of the Year 2022' make up a cohesively pleasant palette, a restful and natural colour scheme of shades that are all very close to each other. Beloved favourites from 2021 that are coming with us into the new year. However, they have with them a wonderful mix of splashes of colour and combinations to experiment with - where purples, greens and 80's pastels are some of our personal favourites.

Autumn Dreams - 1 x

Find your style

By asking ourselves important questions and finding out why we want something, we can make better decisions that will influence us in the right way. There is no right or wrong, but there's plenty of inspiration and some valuable tips to have as a starting point for those who want them.

At Photowall, we love when personality and feeling can take their place in the home, and with that as a starting point, our main advice when it comes to wallpapers and trends is to actually look at yourself. Ask yourself what you like and what your own needs are right now. Are you looking for a restful place for recreation? A room bursting with energy or a safe and caring embrace to feel warm in? Do you like lightness and a lack of clutter or do you feel better in a cosy environment? In the list below, you'll find our favourites from this year's wallpaper trends, which we hope can give you the inspiration you need to create a individual home to suit you and your needs.

Trend 1 – Silent Shores

Above the Storm - Summer House x Marti Marais


This trend embraces both minimalism as well as down-to-earthness and spirituality. A meeting of two lifestyles, which unite in a desire for a fresh start and a life beyond stress and anxiety. Silent Shores creates space and energy to scrape away information overload and scrolling in favour of socialising, presence and silence. Life is here and now!


The colours are restful, with a somewhat modest but oh so beautiful colour scheme. From off-white, through brittle layers of grey to beige and brown shades. The inspiration comes from cool November waves that roll in towards the Nordic sandy beaches. Clay and sediment, limestone and pale shells may also add colour to this trend. 


Silent Shores offers a beautiful, stripped-down base that becomes a perfect foundation, easy to style and combine with classic items and personal favourites. For those who are more drawn to minimalism - let the base be simple and group your interior according to colour scheme to get a sober look and create contrasts with a mix of tactile materials such as glass, wool and ceramics.

Trend 2 – Open window

Circles Mid Century II - Ana Rut Bre


Open the window and let the emotions in! Lovely splashes of colour can put anyone in a good mood, and this trend is bursting with energy and the spirit of the future. Here we'll find everything for people who long ago celebrated the pandemic being over and who have moved on in life. Why wait for the rest of the world when you can go your own way? We only have one life, so let's make sure to make the best of it through unique colour combinations that are guaranteed to create a cheerful atmosphere at home. 


Thanks to Open Window, spring is in the air! Be creative, find your style and mix bold shapes with more stylish ones for a perfect combination. Let your home bloom - find inspiration in Grandma's flower beds. Pink, purple, green and yellow are all key colours in this trend, choose one or combine several of them!

Trend 3 – Woodland moments

Slate Palms - WAG Collection

Imagine strong winds from the sea. A misty blue horizon. Hazy tones. This trend could perhaps be called the 'intellectual trend'. Politics, climate footprints and closed cycles are being discussed here. Thinking in new ways. Questioning old truths. But no one knows how it will end…


The colour blue is the cornerstone of Woodland Moments. Blue signals safety and calmness - something we need to feel in order to dare to slowly leave our old habits behind. Turning to the sea gives us strength and energy. Different shades of blue symbolise clean water and fresh air, something we understand the true value of now more than ever. 


Misty blue, sky blue, deep blue in combination with moss green and perhaps a red berry accent colour. Combine fabrics and soft shapes, up-cycle beloved possessions and add beautiful art and interesting books and your home will not only be complete but also warm, cosy and safe.

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