Surrealism is one of the more complex and challenging, but ultimately very rewarding and meaningful forms of art. Using this form of art which often uses dream-like imagery to show Read moreus the inner workings of our minds, can be a great asset in interior design. Photowall's assortment of surrealism wall murals reflects the notion that we all have had and experienced dreams where we were flying or falling. Surrealists use images like this in their art in order for them to create instinctive meanings and images which the viewer, and even the artists themselves, would not need rational thought to understand. Surrealism wall murals are so distinct that they can make a perfect focal point in your room as well as establishing tremendous visual weight and interest. The prominence of these motifs balances out all the other design elements and colour schemes around it.

Exploring the unconscious mind with surrealism wall murals

There are many surrealism wall murals which are available to highlight themes of the unconscious mind. Give them Life features a woman standing sideways to the viewer, with a flock of birds coming out of her head and wearing white. There is a classic and elegant combination of colours used in this particular piece, making it very meaningful and deep. Now this surrealism wall mural might seem pretty straightforward in the beginning, but the more you look at it, the more you will find a deeper context. These thought-provoking works of art in the form of surrealism wall murals will keep anyone engaged for hours, where you can find new details or interpretations with every viewing. Furthermore, this type of decoration will generate plenty of conversation, as each of us has a different interpretation of what these motifs can represent.

Background information

Surrealism is a specific genre of art which gets its origins and inspiration from the visual arts and writing of the 1920s. Artists' paintings included everyday scenes with items that were completely out of place, some of which you will see in surrealism wall murals. One of the most well-known surrealist artists was Salvador Dali, especially famous for his masterpiece featuring a desert scene with clocks bent in half and melting over plants and stones. The main goal of surrealism is to encourage people to free their subconscious thoughts and expressions, and let them appear in writing and through visual mediums. It was felt by Andre Breton, who is said to be this movement's founder, that by showing two vastly distinct objects in art, one could generate ideas about the differences and perhaps relate them to the similarities. When you hang surrealism wall murals on your wall, there will be so many ways to interpret such views. No matter if this room you are revitalizing is residential, corporate or recreational in nature.

Surrealism wall murals as gateway

Surrealism literally means being above realism, which makes it for such a fascinating subject in surrealism wall murals. These thought-provoking works of art will keep you, your family or friends engaged for hours. Then again, that is the beauty of surrealism in itself, it does not need to be understood in order for it to be appreciated. When you chance upon our eclectic arsenal of surrealism wall murals, you might scratch your head several times and wonder what exactly is going on. That is because surrealist artists use art to show the inner workings of the mind, especially with regard to delicate themes which they considered to be frequently oppressed. By showing two vastly distinct objects in art, one could generate ideas about the differences and then relate to the similarities. When you hang surrealist wall murals on your walls, you are not just providing incredible visual style, but also have something that makes people think and reflect.
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