Cities & Places

Rather than travel around the globe to gather memories of these views, why not bring these breathtaking sights into your own home. Whether you prefer the peace and serenity of Venice'Read mores canals or the twinkling lights of London, we're sure to have a cityscape wallpaper for you. Cityscape wall murals will also bring a dramatic depth to any smaller room. From Paris to New York, from Tokyo to Stockholm, you will be sure to find the most impressive skylines from around the world.

Wallpapers of fabulous places

The selection of beautiful pictures of cities all over the world will put a smile on your face as you imagine yourself in the fabulous places featured. There is a great mix of photo wallpapers, graphic designs and clever cartoon-like designs. A talented team of photographers and designers have produced these wallpapers for you to enjoy and they have thought of the best ways to capture the essence of a city on one single canvas. These stunning works of art will remind you of the exciting cities you have visited already or of ones which you would love to visit one day.

Cityscape wallpapers

Each design in our gallery of cityscapes and locations wallpapers has its own characteristic style. For example, a popular choice is having a city map as wallpaper. There is one of these available of the city of Paris and the river Seine cuts across the middle creating an arch like a rainbow. This unique design would be an excellent talking point as it is so creative and adds a new dimension to our idea of what this city looks like. The skyline panorama design is another eye catching wallpaper which is multi-coloured but with a watercolour effect. PHOTOWALL has tried to feature many famous city skylines with some examples being London, Cincinnati and Moscow. The background is white so that the colourful and bold skyline stands out even more. This creates a border effect which is perfect for brightening up a plain coloured room.

Photo designs

These high quality wall murals have captured the magical side of cities across the globe. There are many photo murals which feature beautiful reflections in the rivers which flow through the cities. London's Canary Warf is one such example where the photographer has perfectly captured the city at dusk with a stunning purple and blue sky and the lights of the skyscrapers making the reflection extra special. Another one of our amazing photograph wallpapers is one of the Rainbow Bridge and Mount Fuji in Japan. The photographer has captured the snow-capped mountain with the sun reflecting off it and with the cityscape below alive with lights. The Rainbow Bridge, also glistening with lights, cuts through the middle of this beautiful scene. There are also some sepia photo wallpapers available which are more subtle but still will create a great impact in the room of your choice. These help you to imagine that you have travelled back in time. The city of Stockholm with its elegant church spires is featured in this sepia design.

Wall murals are simply amazing

With the wonderful Cities & Places wall mural collection of Photowall, you can simply make any ordinary room into something extraordinary. Of course, a lot of homeowners would love that upgrading in their space. The fact that there are many different ways to make any room attractive, the use of wall murals have proven itself to be efficient. Not only that wall murals are easy to use, but they also come in various lovely and attractive designs. For sure, there is a wall mural art that will meet your requirements. Still wondering why wall murals are trending these days? Words are probably not enough. You have to experience them. Happy decorating!
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