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Coral Reefs

Fascinated by a whole new world underwater? Create your very own expedition with coral reefs wall murals by Photowall, and discover the hidden secrets on the ocean floors. Be dazzled Read moreby vibrant sea creatures and beautiful fish displaying their lovely colour, tones and shades. The vastness of the oceans is perfectly captured in our amazing coral reefs wall murals collection. Not only will you be submerged in the allure of sub-aquatic life, but also educated on the importance of these massive ecosystems. Coral reefs wall murals are a window into another world, different but no separate from our. Elevate your room into a space of colour, nature and beauty. All these motifs can be adjusted to contrast, or match, with your existing interior design, colour schemes and any other decorative elements that are present within the room you are looking to revamp.

Main subject in coral reefs wall murals

First and foremost, to make your selection process more informed and fun, let us examine what the central subject in this category is. Coral reefs are very essential ocean habitats and offer a compelling case of the risks that climate change entails. Reefs provide a large fraction of Earth’s biodiversity, some even refer to them as "the rain forests of the seas". It has been estimated that 25 percent of all marine species live in and around coral reefs, making them one of the most diverse habitats in the world. You can see this diversity in coral reefs wall murals like "Panorama Coral Reef". Nonetheless, not only are these ecosystems important to animals but they actually also provide a variety of economic benefits like habitat for commercial fisheries, preservation of marine ecosystems, recreational activities such tourism and coastal protection. If you display these coral reefs wall murals in your home, or even the office, you provide your interiors with style and charm, but also a good conversational topic.

Educate the youth

As our collection of coral reefs wall murals is predominantly beautiful works of art, with unique designs, warm colours and affable dwellers, they can be considered ideal for children's spaces. Coral reefs wall murals like "Undersea Treasure", for example, will look superb in any kid's bedroom, study area or play space. These motifs are also vital because they can teach the young ones about the importance of the environment, the seas and what they can do to contribute to the protection of our precious planet. Coral reefs wall murals such as "Underwater Scene" can perhaps entice them to acquire a fish tank of their own so they can enjoy and study this environment in a miniature form. The benefits of coral reefs wall murals are not just aesthetic, but educational as well.

Additional info in coral reefs wall murals

Corals live with algae in a type of relationship that is called "symbiosis". This basically means that the organisms cooperate with each other. The algae live inside the corals, which provide a tough outer shell made from calcium carbonate. In return for this protection, the algae provide their host with food produced through photosynthesis, and in some cases also the vibrant colours you see in coral reefs. There is plenty of this in coral reefs wall murals, albeit presented in a more artistic fashion. The biggest concern regarding these ecosystems these days is a process known as "coral bleaching", wherein due to the rise of the water's temperature, the algae are expelled from coral’s tissue, causing it to lose its colour and a major source of food. While this does not always mean the death of a coral reef, it is still harrowing to see. Use coral reefs wall murals to enlighten people about this global issue. Coral reefs wall murals will not just help you establish incredible visual weight in your space, but also encourage people to join a good cause.
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