Red Canvas prints

Explore the colour symbolism in a red canvas print. This intense colour stands for energy and passion and can arouse strong emotions that make the heart pound. A colour’s meaning variRead morees from culture to culture, but common to all is the power of red. We relate red to festivity, holidays, revolution, desire, fire trucks, ceremonial carpets, warning, movement, heat, sports cars, Christmas, royalty and the pope.

Create a decor theme with a red canvas print

Decorate with similar shades to tie your decor together. To make one aspect of the decor stand out, give it an energy boost with shades of red. A trending colour this year is burgundy, in rich shades of dark red. Red goes with many building materials, such as concrete, white marble, pale pine and brass. It is an excellent accent colour, easily added in styling details such as cushions, throws and prints. Add cut flowers in matching shades for the finishing touch. Your colour preferences in general or for your home stem from previous impressions, experiences and values. Red is a dominant colour that has been shown to have a stimulating and invigorating effect, which is important to remember when you decorate rooms intended for rest and relaxation. Large areas of colour in a room can make us uneasy or irritated if we spend a lot of time there. There you should use red in small doses. It is pure, unadulterated energy.

Not a red cent and symbols of wealth

We are fond of using old expressions for their meanings, but often we don’t know their origins. Until 2010 in Sweden, we had small pennies, the lowest amount in coin, most often made of red copper alloys. When no money is left, when they are totally broke, Swedes say, “I don’t have a red cent.” The “red carpet” is symbolically rolled out to welcome celebrities. This custom comes from a time when red-dyed fabrics were exclusive and expensive to make. Scarlet clothing was clearly expensive and a sign of wealth and power. Today, red velvet might make us think of cinemas, their stuffed red chairs and thick curtain. “Red days” in Sweden are the same as bank days in the United Kingdom. They have their origin in the early middle ages, when holy days were marked in the church calendar in red.

Our original red canvas prints make delightful decor details

Red is a warning colour. It quickly captures attention. In traffic, this is the red stop sign, traffic lights, and the brake lights of cars. It accentuates gorgeous decor – the red velvet sofa or a canvas print in the kitchen of the mouth watering Italian Tomatoes motif.

The color Red and interior design

Red signifies a lot of things and considered to be one of the most important colors when it comes to interior decorating. The color of romance and passion, red is a color that heightens the senses. This amazing colors can be contemporary, traditional, rustic, or timeless, depending on the shade and context. A touch of the color can even warm up color blue and white. It can even add drama when red is used as the main color in a space. With these, the color red can be used on the walls, just like the Red Canvas Prints, to make a room feel more intimate. Red is never boring and if you want a little adventure in your room, do not be shy in using the color. You will surely love to have a touch of red as the color will totally transform something ordinary into extraordinary.
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