An often overlooked part of roads and highways is the "simple" flyover. This is why Photowall has created a special category dedicated to these structures in the form of flyovers wallRead more murals. In its essence, a flyover is an overpass or a high-level road bridge that crosses over a highway interchange or intersection. The things you see in flyovers wall murals are constructed to provide passage over an obstacle without blocking the path below, which might be a road, highway or railway. It can be fun to identify which is which when looking at these flyovers wall murals. Whether it is your residential space like the living room or a corporate area like the meeting room at the office, flyovers wall murals will give it texture, energy and a different vibe. There are numerous unique designs featuring extraordinary architecture, different colours that bring vibrancy and a healthy amount of locations to make this selection feel global. Flyovers wall murals can also be modified according to your wishes and preferences with regard to interior design and colour schemes.

The types in flyovers wall murals

Did you know that there are actually two types of flyovers? The first is the so-called "simple flyover", which is the most commonly used and the one you will see most of in flyovers wall murals. A concrete example is "Passing Over the Expressway in the Sunny Morning". With this specific kind of flyover, it is usually a highway that is used for fast and frequent traffic. As you can see in the flyovers wall mural, there is a passage over a high level by a bridge, providing foundations in both directions. What you might not be able to glimpse is that there is a walkway constructed to pass under the flyover, but that is on a case to case basis. The second type of flyover is the "cloverleaf flyover", but which are also sometimes referred to as clover-shaped interchanges. The interchange is a junction that utilize a grade separation method to permit the traffic flow from one or more highways. This is done even without actually crossing it or without disturbing the movement of other traffic streams.

The Big Apple

One of the most famous cities in the world can boast of many stylish flyovers. The flyovers wall murals that feature New York’s highlight one of the most famous and recognizable skylines in the entire world. Filled with skyscrapers and massive high-rise buildings, the sight of this city is a familiar sight in many films, books and photographs. You can bring that iconic sight and bustling energy into your room by getting flyovers wall murals like "42 St Canyon New York City". This beautifully charming and captivating scene that will lend your room that extra flavor and texture. If you are more inclined towards the modern and current dynamism, this flyovers wall mural might be the right fit for your home or office. Its vibrant colours and bustling intensity transforms this flyovers wall mural into something inspiring and invigorating.

Get inspired with flyovers wall murals

Spain's capital is on many people's bucket list of travel destinations. If you want a reminder of a great trip or as a motivator to work hard so you can visit this magnificent place, check out flyovers wall murals that feature Madrid. These flyovers wall murals by Photowall will not only make your space pop with visual energy, but can also serve as stimulus to travel. It is interesting to know that after almost two decades of immigration, Madrid is a much more diverse place than it once was, where over 11 percent of the population is not Spanish-born. One common denominator about Madrileños, as they are called, is food. If you listen in on the conversations around you, you will realize that more than half of them are about who ate what for last night and what they will eat later on. Maybe you will be reminded of this little tidbit when you visit the city or look at flyovers wall murals such as "Madrid City Lights". The subtle tones give this flyovers wall mural that extra class and distinct European aura.
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