Vintage Typography

Typography is characterized as the specific skill of affixing type in order to make something written legible and coherent to the eye. This job involves picking out typefaces, sizes, Read morelengths, and spacing to achieve the desired effect of the type. This employs the skills of typesetters, graphic designers, art directors, manga artists, comic book artists, graffiti artists, and many more of similar skill sets. These days, you can simply set your Word file to whatever type, font, or size you want. But before the advent of computers, typography was considered a valuable and specialized skill. Photowall remembers days of yore with its fine collection of vintage typography wall murals. These images from back in the days when letters were arranged by human hands can lend an air of old-world sophistication and nostalgia to your home. Position these vintage typography wall murals in selected areas of your abode and let them give you the feel of a time when newspapers were the only source of information and artistry came by great effort rather than the touch of a button. These vintage typography wall murals would look perfect in your private study or mini-library. It will give you a look of erudition and wisdom to have these vintage typography wall murals around you.

Bold in vintage typography wall murals

In the olden days of yore, novels, posters, newsletters, notices, and other forms of written publication had to have their type set manually. The effort and care it took to create even one of these publications is not an image that someone from our technological era can even fathom. In a lot of sectors of this industry, typography has already become a lost art. Photowall helps you remember the work of many that had gone before us with “Musical Notes Part 2”, “Vintage Sailing Knots”, and “Old Salt Whiskey” in its wide collection of vintage typography wall murals. Let these images sit in the sleeping quarters and play nooks of your children and enlighten them about a time before Microsoft Word and Photoshop were the main tools to beautify a piece of written publication. Make these vintage typography wall murals a reminder to them that all things worth having are also worth working for. Display these fine vintage typography wall murals in your living room and sit with your loved ones in admiration at the amount of work it took to bring them to fruition. These vintage typography wall murals are guaranteed to light up your home.

Memorable in vintage typography wall murals

Even though the era of manual typography has come and gone, there are still those who practice this art form to this day. Wedding invitations, posters, movie prints, notices, and the like, become many times more costly if they were made using this old method. The amount of work and skill put into them elevates the price for consumers. There are still many who want the honor of being able to say that their wedding invitations were hand-made typography pieces. Photowall recognizes this significant fact with “Vintage New York Empire State”, “Vintage New York Flat Iron”, and “London City Words II” in its fine line of vintage typography wall murals. These facsimiles of the real thing look so genuine and authentic that having them in your home will seem as though you had a master typesetter craft them especially for you. Arrange them in your private workstation in your abode and assume the look of a 1930s newspaper editor. Invite your friends and workmates over for coffee and cookies while you let them gaze and admire your fine collection of these splendid vintage typography wall murals.

Enduring and endearing

These vintage typography wall murals come in a wide selection of designs and colors for the bibliophilic connoisseur to choose from. They are manufactured from materials that are safe to exist in your home, and safe to be around your children. Be the envy of your workmates when they see your working spaces adorned with these spectacular vintage typography wall murals. There is, even more, to love with “Five Boroughs Painted Cafe”, “Simple Message And”, and “Cabin Fever I” in our fine line of vintage typography wall murals. Feel like one of the pioneers of the publishing age with a few of these prints arranged around your study. Imagine you are a young Ernest Hemingway, staring at the daunting space of a blank piece of paper, ready to churn out his next literary masterpiece. The classic feel provided by these vintage typography wall murals cannot be overstated. They are more than just average adornments in your home, they are objets d’art. Allow these prints to take you back to a time when hard work and skill were the main currency for progress and recognition in this world. Let you and your family share in these wonderful sentiments,
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